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Addition - Early Experiences

Pupils are given the opportunity to use developing mathematical ideas and methods to solve practical problems in a real or role-play context. For example,

- During snack time, asking ‘If I give out one more apple, how many is that?’

- Through continual provision such as play in the sand and water area, home corner, construction area and shop.

- Addition vocabulary includes; and, plus, equals, makes, altogether, add, one more than, what comes next? …and if we put one more?

Developing Understanding

Develop and support understanding through images such as:

Adding 2 numbers

Adding 4 numbers

Interpret situations as addition calculations and explain reasoning. For example:

Y1- An apple cost 3p and an orange cost 5p. How much have we spent altogether?

Y2- Sally has 14 marbles more than Jake. Jake has 6 marbles. How many did Sally have?

Y3- There are 127 children in the infants and 245 children in the juniors. How many children altogether?

Addition vocabulary includes; add, more, plus, make, total, sum, altogether, how many more to make? How much more is…? Addition, ten more…
How much more is…than…?