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Multiplication - Early Experiences

Pupils are given the opportunity to use developing mathematical ideas and methods to solve practical problems in a real or role-play context. For example,

  • Grouping children in pairs for lining up and working in learning partners.
  • Stories and rhymes such as ‘Goldilocks and the Three Bears’.

Multiplication vocabulary includes; count, double, pairs, groups, share.

Develpoing Understanding

Develop and support understanding through images such as:


Y1- How many gloves are there in 3 pairs?
Y2- Make a red tower 5 cubes high. Now make a blue tower 5 times as high.
Y3- If I started at 0 on a number line and made 5 jumps of 5 what number would I land on?

Multiplication vocabulary includes; Count, double, pair, share, multiply, multiplied by, multiple of, repeated addition, array, partitioning, lots of, groups of, times.