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Subtraction - Early Experiences

Pupils are given the opportunity to use developing mathematical ideas and methods to solve practical problems in a real or role-play context. For example,

  • Songs and Rhymes such as ’10 Green Bottles’ and ‘Five Mice’ (finger rhyme).
  • Through continual provision such as play in the sand and water area, home corner, construction area and shop (e.g. giving change in a money context)

Subtraction vocabulary includes; total, take, take away, leave, How many are left? How many have gone? Less, fewer, difference between.

Developing Understanding

Develop and support understanding through images such as:

Understand subtraction as difference (comparison model). Develop and support understanding through images such as:


Y1- There are 10 children on a bus. 5 get off. How many are left?
Y2- I have 50p. I bought a toy rabbit for 26p. How much have I got left?
Y3- 48 boys and 24 girls in a year group. How many more boys than girls?

Subtraction vocabulary includes; subtract, take away, minus, halve. How many are left/left over? One less, two less, one hundred less. How many fewer is…than …? Difference between. How much less is…? How much more is…?How many more to make…? How many more is…than…?