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Year 6

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Week beginning 04.12.17

For a test on 12.12.17

1. bargain
2. bruise
3. category
4. cemetery
5. committee
6. community
7. competition
8. controversy
9. convenience
10. correspond

6BM Class Assembly - November 2017

On Thursday 16th November, 6BM did a class assembly about Weslandia (a book we have been learning about since September).  Everyone did really well and remembered their lines and when to speak.  We all really enjoyed doing it.  Mrs Moran was very proud of us and said we did great. ~ Madison and Keira

Science - September 2017

Today we started our new Science topic, 'Classifying Critters'.  We classified ourselves using a branching tree diagram.  We first split ourselves by hair colour.  After that, we split ourselves by eye colour.  Once we had done that, we could decide what to split our groups by e.g., shoe size, gender, hair style, favourite colour or favourite animal.  We then used our knowledge of branching tree diagrams to sort a variety of different animals.  ~ Orla, 6KM

Maths - September 2017

On 13th September for Maths, we went into the hall as a year group and split into mixed groups of 4 or 5.  We were given a target number (the first one was 5).  We had to run into the middle of the hall and get a digit card, run back to our group and decide which place value column to put it into.  We repeated this until we filled all of our spaces in the columns.  The team with the decimal number closest to the target number won.  We then put all of the decimal numbers into order and worked out how far each number was away from the target.  We made sure we used accurate mathematical vocabulary to explain what we were doing.  

Literacy - September 2017

In the first few days of Year 6, we received a letter from a mysterious person called Wesley.  He continued to send another letter including a book called 'Weslandia'.  We therefore decided to recreate one of the pictures through drama.  ~ Lily, 6KM