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Denton West End Primary School, Balmoral Drive, Denton, Manchester, M34 2JX, t:0161 336 3409, e:admin@dweschool.org

DWE Notify App

Parents with the school app can now access school news on their phones in real-time as it is published.

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Stay up-to-date on school news with our ‘notifications’ app.  DWE Notify alerts you when new school news is published and allows you to view various ‘cuts’ of news (by year group).   It also gives easy access to important information and helps us collect your feedback:

1) general school wide news including weather closures
2) news specific to year groups (spellings etc)
3) easy access to newsletters and policies
4) provides contact details for the school
5) allows parents and guardians to conveniently complete surveys on school issues.

iPhone users:

No longer supported

Android users:

This is app works with Android 4.0 up and requires mobile data to be enabled – although the app itself uses a minuscule amount of data.   When school news is published you will see the Denton West End lion logo in your notification bar at the top of your screen – clicking on this will take you to the news item within the app.