Denton West End Primary School

Only our best is good enough

Balmoral Drive, Manchester, Lancashire, M34 2JX

0161 336 3409


Statutory Documents

2014 Ofsted Report.pdfDownload
Access Policy.pdfDownload
Admission to Nursery 2017-2018.pdfDownload
Admission to Reception 2017-2018.pdfDownload
Charging Policy .pdfDownload
Complaints Policy.pdfDownload
Data Protection Policy .pdfDownload
DWE School Rules.pdfDownload
DWE Signed Accounts 2016.pdfDownload
Funding Agreement.pdfDownload
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Safeguarding Policies

Allegations of Abuse Against Staff.pdfDownload
Appropriate Conduct in School.pdfDownload
Attendance Policy .pdfDownload
British Values Policy.pdfDownload
Child Protection and Safeguarding Policy.pdfDownload
Domestic Abuse Policy.pdfDownload
Equality Policy.pdfDownload
Intimate Care Policy.pdfDownload
Looked After Child Policy.pdfDownload
Missing Child Policy.pdfDownload
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SEN and Inclusion Policies

SEND Policy 2017.pdfDownload
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Pupil Premium Review 2016-2017.pdfDownload
Pupil Premium Spending 2017-2018.pdfDownload
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Special Educational Needs Report 2016-2017.pdfDownload
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Administering Medicines Consent Form.pdfDownload
Advice for Parents on Cyberbullying.pdfDownload
Anti Bullying Leaflet.pdfDownload
Anti Bullying Policy.pdfDownload
Asthma Policy.pdfDownload
Behaviour Policy.pdfDownload
Gender Policy.pdfDownload
Inclusion Policy.pdfDownload
Positive Handling and Intervention Policy.pdfDownload
SEN Policy.pdfDownload
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Curriculum and Assessment Policies

Assessment Policy.pdfDownload
Response Policy.pdfDownload
Art Policy.pdfDownload
Computing Policy .pdfDownload
Design Technology Policy.pdfDownload
Display Policy.pdfDownload
Early Years Policy.pdfDownload
English Policy.pdfDownload
Geography Policy.pdfDownload
Gifted and Talented Policy.pdfDownload
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Other School Policies and Documents

Educational Visits Policy.pdfDownload
Packed Lunch Policy.pdfDownload
Separated Parents' Policy.pdfDownload
Whole School Food Policy .pdfDownload
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