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July 2018

The time has come to say goodbye to all the nursery children.  We are very proud of all the children and their achievements. Thank you to all the parents for your support this year; it really has made a difference to your child's learning. 

We had great fun on our teddy bears' picnic and here are a few photographs of what our teddies got up to.

June 2018

Animals Intuition came to visit nursery today. The children had a fantastic time learning about different animals from around the world. They were able to look, touch and hold a leopard gecko lizard from India, a sand fish from Africa, a tree frog from Australia, a corn snake from North America and short haired guinea pig from South America.

May 2018   A Royal Celebration

We have been celebrating the royal marriage in our nursery this week. We found out who Prince Harry and Meghan Markle were. We decorated wedding cake pictures and designed a dress for Meghan. We decided to have a royal wedding street party. We made cucumber sandwiches; spreading the butter and carefully cutting the bread. We enjoyed eating scones with jam, strawberries and cream. We also played some parachute games in the sunny nursery garden.

Thursday 10th May 2018

Thank you very much to all the parents who came to listen to the Book Trust talk today. I hope you all found the information useful.  Reading at home with your child is so important and will help their development in a lot of different areas of the curriculum, but most of all it is fun! 

I look forward to hearing all about the new story the children took home with them. Don't worry if you were unable to come to the talk today. Every child will receive a Book Trust pack tomorrow.

May 2018

This term we have been finding out about animals that live under the sea. In our key groups we talked about what we already know about sea animals and we also thought of information we would like to find out about. Two of the questions were: How long is a whale? How big is a whale's heart?

We found out that a blue whale is the largest animal in the world and it is 25 meters long. We didn't really know how long that was so we all went on to the big field to find out. We used a measuring wheel and a ball of string to visually see how long 25 meters was.

We also found out that a whale's heart is about the same size as a small car. We carefully went into the teacher's car park and found a small car. We made a circle around the car.

Below are the pictures of our investigation.

March 2018

What an egg- citing week the Nursery children have had. Below is a short film about the chicks first week in our nursery.

Thursday 8th March

The nursery children had a lot of fun during World Book Day. They came to nursery dressed as their favourite book character. During group time they had the opportunity to talk about the favourite part of the story.

Wednesday 7th March 2018   The chicks have arrived!! Number 8 egg was the first to hatch.

February 2018

Wow!! What an amazing science week we have had.

On Monday we watched how hot water reacted with a plate of skittles to make a beautiful rainbow. (photo's below and video to follow shortly)

 Tuesday was pancake day and the children enjoyed watching liquids turn into solids and of course eating the pancakes!

On Wednesday and Thursday the children investigated how to make yummy porridge. They added, ketchup, sugar, golden syrup and salt to their porridge to see if they could make it 'just right'. We have some children with very interesting taste buds. Also on Thursday the children learnt that when you mix some materials together you can create very exciting reactions. Watch how our rocket launched into the sky (scroll down to watch the video of the exciting experiment)

February 2018

This term, we have been having great fun playing in the three bears' cottage. We used key phrases from the story 'Goldilocks and the Three Bears' and enjoyed changing our voices to match our character. Unfortunately, the nursery children were not the only ones to have been in the cottage. One Monday, the children came in to nursery to find that the cottage had been  turned upside down. Clues had been left for the children to investigate. All the children had great ideas of who they thought had made the mess. After a discussion, the children made 'wanted' posters and put them around the school so that the naughty person could be found and be made to say sorry. 


December 2017

The Nursery children enjoyed making special reindeer food.

December 2017

Christmas party fun!!

12th December 2017

Well what a busy month we have had learning our Nativity Songs! The teachers' in nursery are very proud of all their little lambs. Everyone tried very hard to remember their special dance. Here are a few photo's of our fantastic children.

 20th - 24th November 2017

This week has been road safety week. The children in our nursery have been using the road signs to role play how to keep safe.  They enjoyed playing the part of the lollipop lady/man, stopping the traffic and helping their friends to cross the road safely.

November 2017

On Friday 10th November we came to nursery wearing the colour red. We wore red to help us to think about Rememberance day and why we learn about it. We coloured in pictures of poppies and watched a special on the Cbeebies website   to help us to understand why we were poppies.

Here are a few comments that the nursery children made throughout the day

"People died in the war" Scout         "It's Remembrance day...we have to wear red"  Ava-Mae           "Poppies grew in the war"  Lara



October 2017

The children have been very keen to talk about how they are going to celebrate Halloween and many of them said that they had a pumpkin at home. In our nursery we decided to explore the insides of a pumpkin. Some of the children pretended to make pumpkin soup and others wanted to cut the pumpkin up into smaller pieces.

October 2017

We have been finding out about different cultures and celebrations. This term we have been learning about Diwali, The festival of Light. We made our own rangoli patterns using shapes. Mrs Patel help us to understand how to put on a saree.


We have been learning about colours and exploring how to make new ones.


Our first week has been very busy.

Our first day 12.09.17

The nursery children have finally started their journey through the foundation stage and what a fantastic day they have all had. All the children have settled in very well and have been very busy. We have been choosing within the new classroom and exploring the outside area.  Well done everyone!