Denton West End Primary School

Only our best is good enough

Balmoral Drive, Manchester, Lancashire, M34 2JX

0161 336 3409


Leadership Team

Head Teacher Deputy Head Teacher

Assistant Head

Office Staff

Mrs Blunt
Admin Assistant Admin Assistant School Business Manager

Teaching Staff


Mrs Abbott

Miss Haughton

Miss Taylor

Teacher/EYFS Leader of Learning Teaching Assistant Teaching Assistant


Mrs Woodhead

Miss Carney

Miss Graham

Mrs Day

Reception Teacher Teaching Assistant Reception Teacher Teaching Assistant


Year 1

Miss Bamford

Miss Maloney

Miss Campbell

Mrs Burton

Y1 Teacher Y1 Teacher Teaching Assistant Teaching Assistant

Year 2

Mrs Minton

Mrs Haughton

Mrs Webster

Mrs Patel

Mrs Hart

Mrs Norbury

Y2 Teacher Teaching Assistant Teaching Assistant Teaching Assistant KS1 Leader of Learning / Yr2 Teacher Teaching Assistant

Year 3

Miss Chan

Miss Landy

Mrs Moore

Y3 Teacher Y3 Teacher Y3 Teacher

Year 4









Miss Fallows


Miss Shandley


Miss Townsend

Y4 Teacher Y4 Teacher Teaching Assistant

Year 5

Miss Barclay

Miss Longley

Y5 Teacher Y5 Teacher

Year 6

Mrs Sutlow

Mrs Ashton

Y6 Teacher KS2 leader of learning/Y6 Teacher

Specialist Teaching Staff

Mrs Chiles

Mrs Horsfall

Mrs Ross

Mrs Binyon

Miss Haughton


PPA and groups

Specialist Support Assistant

KS2 interventions

Little Lions Little Lions



  Mrs Biggar 

Midday and Extra-curricular

Mrs Bradbury Mrs Potts Mrs O’Driscoll Mrs Hayes Mrs Chan
Mrs Morrow  Mrs Morrison  Mrs Hunter Mrs Sonley  


Top left to bottom right: Mrs Broad, Mrs Adamson, Mrs C Ebbrell, Mrs R Ebbrell


Mr Cooper


Top left to bottom right: Ms Martin, Mrs Hunter, Mrs Hill, Mrs Cooper


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