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Year 2

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Planting Sunflowers - May 2018

 As part of our science work on plants, we have grown our own sunflowers.  we are having a competition to see whose grows the tallest!

Disgusting Party - May 2018

 As part of our work in English, we got invited to a disgusting party from a character in the story 'The Disgusting Sandwich'.  We had a lot of fun and got very messy!

First Aid Training - April 2018

During our First Aid Training with St John's Ambulance we learnt about making a 999 phone call, what to do in an emergency and how to apply bandages to a bleed.  The children also learnt that the most important person was them in an emergency and how to keep themselves safe.

The Gruffalo Visit - March 2018

 Year 2 had an exciting, surprise visit from the Gruffalo to start off our work on non-chronological reports.  We did lots of drama throughout the day to help us with our writing.

Science Week - February 2018

 We all had a lot of fun during science week.  In class we did lots of experiments and learnt about Charles Macintosh to fit it in with our work on different materials.  We also had some visitors in school.  We took part in a Sublime Science workshop and had a visit from Animals In Tuition to learn all about the different animals.

Art with Mr Doyle - Spring term

We have been looking at the work of the Jewish artist, Marc Chagall.  This links in with our RE topic of Judaism.  We will continue to produce artwork linked to the religion over the next few weeks.

Biscuit Bear - January 2018

We designed and decorated our own Biscuit Bear characters to link in with our new English topic.

Position and Direction - November 2017

 We have been learning how to describe movement, position and direction.  We used the small world equipment to describe the position of different objects.  We then used the Bee Bots and I pads to describe movement and direction.

Children in need - 17th November 2017

The Mystery of the Missing Gingerbread - November 2017

 Year 2 have been working on a maths problem to solve the mystery of the missing gingerbread men legs.  We had to solve different maths problems and eliminate the suspects.  We had lots of fun doing this.

Remembrance Walk to Thornley Park November 2017

 Year 2 have been learning about Remembrance Day.  As part of this work, we went for a walk to Thornley Park to have a look at the war memorial.

Fruit Salads October 2017

As part of our work on healthy eating, Year 2 children made fruit salads.

Katie Morag stories October 2017

As part of our work on Katie Morag, we have adapted 'Katie Morag and the Dancing Class' into 'Katie Morag and the Swimming Lessons.'  We have created actions to help us learn the story off by heart.  You can see these in the videos below.

Dogger English Unit September 2017

Year 2 brought in their favourite soft toy to start off our work on Dogger.  We created a 'Lost poster' and wrote a description about our toy.