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Year 5

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Year 5 Art Competition

Stockport Grammar host an annual year 5 art competition. The children chosen to represent our school were invited to an awards evening at the school. At the awards evening, the children got to see their art and the other entries displayed and create some art with help from some of the students from Stockport Grammar. Unfortunately, we didn't win but all the children came home with a fantastic goody bag and they should be proud for getting as far as they did!

Animal day

To raise money for our charity this year the World Wildlife Fund (WWF), we all came in dressed as animals. Everyone looked fantastic! Thank you to all the effort put in to make the day so successful.

Brazilian Carnival 

Today, we learned all about Brazil's carnival. We particularly enjoyed the samba music so we decided to make our own using drums, shakers and tone blocks. 

The Day of the Dead

Our focus for culture week is to look at central and southern America. We looked into the Mexican Day of the Dead festival and the traditions of it. We were inspired by the calacus skeletons so we created our own designs and turned them into candle holders.

Stockport Grammar Art competition 

Stockport Grammar School hosts a special competition for Year 5 pupils. As part of the competition, the children had to create a self portrait. Mr Doyle came in to help us and we had a great day creating our artwork!

Peace Mala

As part of culture week, we made peace mala bracelets. The bracelets represent many religions and cultures and teaches us to treat others as you would like to be treated.

Chinese New Year

As part of our culture week, we had a special workshop where we learnt all about Chinese New Year. We learnt a dance to celebrate which involved dancing with fans, umbrellas and a dragon!

Dance Competition

The year 5 dance after school club had the amazing opportunity to go to a dance competition at Copley High School. The children worked extremely hard on the routine and did the school very proud. Mrs Biggar and Mrs Chiles who went with them to the competition praised them for their behaviour and performance.

French - All About Me

In French, the children have been learning a lot of new vocabulary and have been having conversations in french including asking a variety of questions. We have focused on how to ask someones name, ask someones age and reply to those questions, as well ask learning numbers in French. 

5L had some brilliant conversations and shared them aloud with the class and 5B have learnt a song about how to count in french! 

The Highwayman

Our literacy topic this term has been looking at the poem The Highwayman by Alfred Noyes. The children have written effective character and setting descriptions which are full of similes and metaphors. Finally, the children learnt a section of the poem to perform. I hope you enjoy the performances and can see all the hard work they have put into this topic.

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Diwali dance workshop

Year 5 took part in a Diwali dance workshop where they learnt a dance in the Bollywood style. Everyone enjoyed it and I hope you enjoy the dance as much as the class did!


To commemorate 100 years since the end of WW1, we had a special visitor in school. He taught us all about WW1 and what life in the trenches was like. 


Year 5 have been working extremely hard on their computing this term. They have been making powerpoints based on the Tudors. They have learnt a range of skills including changing font, adding borders and adding animations.

Bramhall Hall - 2018

Year 5 visited Bramhall hall as part of their Tudor topic. They learnt all about how the Tudor family lived and all about the house. The children made nose-gays, Tudor art and attempted doing some Tudor handwriting with a quill and ink. We had a lovely time and we have definitely enjoyed this topic and learnt a lot.

Michael Rosen - 2018

On Monday 24th September, Michael Rosen did a live stream promoting his work. As we are currently studying his poems, we decided to send him an email with the hope he might give us a shout out. If you skip to 1h 39min, you will hear Michael Rosen reading out an email sent from Miss Barclay and Miss Longley about our topic and how much we have enjoyed it. Amazingly, Michael Rosen even reads out an extract from Aston's poem in 5L. DWE is famous!

Michael Rosen poems - 2018

In literacy, we have been looking at the poet style of the poet Michael Rosen. We looked in particular at his poem the bathroom fiddler. We used this poem as inspiration for our own poems and then we performed them for the class. I hope you enjoy our performances.

Roald Dahl Day

This week in Literacy, year 5 have been writing poems inspired by Roald Dahl. On Thursday, we dressed up as a character from one of his books and performed the poems in a group.
Thank you for the time and effort put into all of the costumes, we had a great day and lots of fun watching each other perform a poem!

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