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Year 3

Welcome to Year 3

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Year 3 Literacy 

As part of our literacy lessons on instruction, we made Autumn Paris Pies using leaves, pine cones, conkers and other autumn foliage. The children had great fun creating their pies as a group and were able to discuss the features needed for instructions. 


Year 3 Science 


This term, we have been investigating light and reflective materials. The children explored different types of materials such as tin foil, CDs, black paper and yellow paper and tested them using a torch. 

Year 3 Chess

Class 3L have been learning to play chess with Mr Hardy. They had a very special visitor this week. Our local MP Andrew Gwynne came to join us and even learnt some chess moves himself. The children have really been enjoying playing chess in the class. 

Class 3L September 2018

Class 3L are reaching for the STARS, setting their own personal targets for the autumn term.

3C's Targets 


 Class 3C are reaching for the stars, setting their own personal targets for the autumn term.

Spellings  Week 1

W/C 10th September

Test – 18th September



  2. skips
  3. smiles
  4. searches
  5. walking
  6. waving
  7. baking
  8. singing
  9. clapping
  10. chatting

Year 3 Spy Day

After watching Walter Beckett in Pigeon Impossible we all enjoyed dressing up as a spy!!

We took part in spy missions during the day!!

Spellings  Week 2

W/C 17th September

Test – 25th September

‘un’ and ‘dis’

  1. undo
  2. unwell
  3. undress
  4. unusual
  5. unlucky
  6. unhappy
  7. disappear
  8. dishonest
  9. disagree
  10. dislike

Spellings Week 3

W/C  24th September

Test – 2nd October

ed and ing ending words


  1. surprised
  2. astonished
  3. worried
  4. investigated
  5. searched
  6. playing
  7. swimming
  8. helping
  9. finding
  10. creeping

Spellings Week 4

W/C 1st October

Test – 9th October

un and dis ending words


  1. disagree
  2. disappoint
  3. disobey
  4. dishonest
  5. dislike
  6. unable
  7. unbelievable
  8. uncover
  9. undecided
  10. uncertain

Spellings Week  5

W/C 8th October

Test – 16th October

 Words with and without apostrophes


  1. did
  2. didn’t
  3. could
  4. couldn’t
  5. should
  6. shouldn’t
  7. would
  8. wouldn’t
  9. have
  10. haven’t