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Autumn Walk - Thursday 27th September

Today, we went on an Autumn welly walk around our school field and there were lots of amazing things to see. We saw lots of leaves, which were green, yellow, orange, red and brown. They were very crunchy! We also saw snails and berries. The children enjoyed picking up leaves, feathers and apples. We saw spiders webs and we looked for bugs in our bug hotel. We talked about the birds and all the different trees we saw. We had to be careful because some of the leaves and bushes were prickly! It was a lovely sunny day and we had a very good time investigating and talking about our school grounds.



Have you been on an Autumn walk and would like to tell us something in show and tell or share something interesting that you have found?

Could you draw a picture or write a label/ sentence about something that you saw?

How many conkers did you find? Can you draw a picture and write the number?

Our Eggsiting Discovery - Wednesday 16th January

Today, we made an exciting discovery in the nursery garden. We noticed some bright blue eggs under the den. What could they be? We asked. We decided to take the eggs into the workshop to have a closer look. At first, we thought they were dinosaur eggs. We placed them carefully onto a table so that we could investigate further. Mrs Day asked the children to squirt water on the eggs and see what happened. We were surprised to see that the eggs began to melt and fizz. They were also very smelly! As the eggs dissolved, we found out that they were dragons. Oliver noticed that they were dragons “Don’t touch it, he will breathe fire at us!” Lots of the children said that they eggs were melting.


Can you think of any other animals that lay eggs?

Draw a picture and write a simple sentence for show and tell.