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Welcome to Nursery

What are we doing this term?

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Remembrance Day

We have been learning about Remembrance Day in Nursery. As the children are very young it can be difficult to understand what Remembrance Day means so we watched a clip from cbeebies that helped us. The BBC described it as “A beautiful and evocative animation that sees war as experienced by animals in a WW1 battlefield.”

Pop over to bbc iplayer to watch the clip.

We then created our own poppy fields using finger printing and they are displayed in our Nursery.

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Outdoor Learning

We have invested in some all-weather waterproof outfits for the Nursery and Reception children so we can learn outdoors in rain, hail, snow or sun! The children are developing their independence by dressing themselves with the all in one suit and their wellies. We can then explore, investigate and learn without getting wet!

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Funky Fingers and Dough Gym

We have started funky fingers and dough gym in Nursery. These sessions develop the children’s gross and fine motor skills which help with early writing development. The children have a membership card which they hand to the teacher at every session. We do this every day and play some funky music whilst we complete the activity. We have play dough, threading, pipe cleaners and beads and many other resources to support the children.

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Maths Week

We teamed up with our friends in Reception to have a fun maths carousel. It was so much fun to learn with the other children and make new friends. In our carousel we were learning all about number formation, numicon, shapes, symmetry and addition and subtraction. If you would like a copy of the number formation songs that help us with forming numbers we have put it on the website too.

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We are currently learning about Celebrations in Nursery and the current theme is Birthdays. The children are enjoying learning in the birthday party role play area and are writing party invitations, party food lists, birthday cards and thank you cards.

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We had our Christmas party at DWE nursery and we all had so much fun. We had dancing, party games and party food. On the last day of term we had a visit from Father Christmas. All the EYFS children gathered to sing Christmas songs in the hall and all of a sudden we heard jingle bells in the distance and a few seconds later Father Christmas appeared! He brought us a gift for Christmas too. We hope you all had a lovely Christmas and New Year.





In the autumn term we were learning about birthdays. We did maths activities based on our topic. We counted out candles to match the birthday cakes from 1-10 and we used weighing scales to make fairy buns for our birthday party for Leo the Lion. The baking was lots of fun and we hope to do more baking in the New Year. We also had a birthday party role play area where we would set up a birthday party table with plates, cups, party hats and party food. We wrote invitations to our favourite teddies from home to join us at our party.

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