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Welcome to reception


What are we doing this term?


mrsgraham Mrs Norbury

Dinosaur Eggs

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On Monday 29th February we came into school to find a surprise in our classroom. A dinosaur had left huge footprints which led to a box of dinosaur eggs. It was our job to take care of the eggs, so we worked as a class to write the rules to keep them safe. We were very excited! However, on Wednesday the eggs disappeared! There were no clues in the classroom as to where they had gone. We decided to make posters to put up around the school to help us find the missing eggs. We have also been using magnifying glasses to search for them around school. If you find them please return them to our classrooms. Thank you!


Blackpool Zoo Trip

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As part of our topic on dinosaurs we visited Blackpool Zoo. First we visited the dinosaur safari; the children enjoyed learning about the different dinosaurs and were even a little scared because they were so big.

After that we had the opportunity to visit the different animals in the zoo. We saw the lions, tigers, giraffes and the meerkats. After a busy morning we then had lunch.

Finally, Laura from the education centre, talked to us about the different dinosaurs. We had the chance to look at fossils, bones, shells and a real life bearded dragon, which had scales like a real dinosaur. We had a fantastic day!

Back at school we wrote a recount of our school trip using the time adverbials – first, then, next, after that and finally. Could you retell our trip to your mummy and daddy at home?

Mud Kitchen

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This year we welcome our new mud kitchen to our outside area in Reception. This offers children lots of problem solving opportunities, for example ‘How can I make soup thick or thin?’ or ‘How can I make the mud cake stick together?’

Children have to share, take turns and work together to achieve their intended goals. It is great fun and in your child’s natural environment. Children must wear waterproof outfits and wellies to play in our mud kitchen, so please ensure that your child has their wellies in school so that they can explore, investigate and learn, without getting wet and muddy!


We are currently learning about space in Reception. The children are enjoying learning in the space role play areas and are busy writing space logs, lists, speech bubbles, alien adjectives and telephone messages.

Weekend News

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Children are asked to share their weekend news every Monday. In Reception we are currently learning to write in simple sentences using writing reminders. These include using a capital letter, finger spaces and a full stop. Look at some of our fantastic work!

Welly Walks

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We have enjoyed lots of welly walks this year. They help us to understand the world and the local area in which we live. They help us to learn about patterns, changes in the environment and how to stay safe.