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Year 1

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What are we doing this term?  What are we doing now?

Studying History

We have been studying history and below are pictures of Steve, Zak Smith’s Grandad, and Annie and Jean, relatives of Harry Trainer, showing us how people lived years ago. Annie showed us how children used to play football with rolled up newspaper. Jean showed us how they used to keep a potty under the bed as the toilet was outside the house. Steve showed us how he used to have a bath in the sink and use tin cans as stilts to walk on.

 Macclesfield Heritage Museum 

As part of our topic we have been on a trip to Macclesfield Heritage Museum where we made rag rugs, visited an old school room and had to write with an ink pen. We also learnt how children used to sleep head to toe in bed with up to 10 people. In those times people had to work in the mill every day, only going to school on a Sunday.

The children realised that life was very different years ago from how it is now.