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Year 3

Welcome to Year 3

Meet the year 3 staff

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What are we doing this term?


3W – Fables

3W – Dinosaurs

3M – Pirates

South Africa Day

In Year 3 as part of our literacy topic on fables, we had an exciting South Africa day! We came to school dressed in the colours of the South African flag or as an African animal.

We learnt all about Africa as a continent.  We talked about the weather, animals, land, people and traditions.  Mrs Moore taught us all about a school in Africa that she used to work at.  This was very interesting because it was so different to Denton West End.

On South Africa day we made musical instruments and learnt a traditional African welcome song, it was lots of fun!

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Maths Week

During Maths week we used the book ‘The Lion’s Share’ to help us to develop our understanding of fractions.  We had lots of fun finding all the maths within the story! We created a story map of how the cake became smaller and then used Warburton’s Flatbread to retell the story.  This helped us to compare and order the fractions!

Next, we decided to have our own Lion’s Share party and bake some delicious cakes!  We measured all the ingredients accurately and followed the recipe carefully.  Decorating the cakes was great because we used the decorations to help us with our times tables! If I had 12 cakes and put 2 marshmallows on each one, how many marshmallows would I need?

We also had an exciting visit from The Happy Puzzle Company who brought us lots of challenging puzzles to solve.

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