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November 2019

Christmas celebrations have begun in the nursery and over the past couple of weeks we have been thinking about what we would like from Father Christmas. We have all written our letters and drawn beautiful pictures to Santa but we realised that for the letters to reach the North Pole we needed  a stamp on our envelope. We walked to the post office and used some money to buy a stamp. We had to weigh our envelope on the post office scales and we talked about where we needed to place the stamp. Once we had given the lady in the post office some money, we walked  outside and posted the letters through the letter box. The children were very excited and as we walked back to nursery, we looked for letters and numbers on doors and cars and sang Christmas songs. 

There was a road we needed to cross so we learned how to cross the road safely.

When we returned to nursery, we were very surprised to find that a kind elf had left us some toast and hot chocolate for our snack. 

Our next job is to make our very own Christmas post office in the nursery.

Thank you very much to all the adult helpers who walked with us. 

November 2019

In our nursery, we have been thinking about the brave men and women who died in the first world war. We dressed in red, coloured in poppy pictures and made a large painting of poppies growing in a field. 

October 2019

What a busy term we have all had. All the children have settled in really well to our nursery rules and routines and the staff have enjoyed learning all about them and their families. 

We have learnt so much in our first term. Most children now can recognise their name and they all enjoy joining in with our daily counting songs. We have been finding out all about Autumn and the changes that they see in their local environment. Our Autumn area has been very popular with children keen to add to it with leaves, conkers, pine-cones and pumpkins. We have used these resources to paint pictures and create patterns in playdough. We have also been exploring the inside of pumpkins by scooping out the flesh and hammering nails into the skin. 

This month, we have been finding out all about Diwali 'The Festival of Light'. We read the story of Rama and Sita and the evil King. We used coloured sand and 2D shapes to make Rangoli patterns. We also looked at Henna patterns by drawing around our hands and making our own designs. 

I think we all deserve a half term rest ready to start again on Monday 4th November. 

After the holidays, we will start the reading challenge in Nursery. Letters will be sent home on the first week back. Hope everyone has a lovely rest and thank you for all your continued support. 



Dear Nursery Parents/Carers,

BBC Tiny Happy People launched in Greater Manchester yesterday and it has some fabulous resources for you to support your children’s communication skills. 

It is full of ideas and video clips that help you to develop your child's skills through interaction and play. Please click on the link below.,UXS7,5T67HK,35GUY,1

Our first weeks in Nursery

The nursery children have finally started their journey through the foundation stage and what a busy couple of weeks they have all had. All the children are trying very hard to remember all the new rules and routines and have been very busy. We have been choosing within the new classroom and exploring the outside area.  We have been learning to keep our bodies healthy by washing our hands correctly with soap and water. Well done everyone!

Parents please help your child by displaying their name in their bedroom or on the fridge and encourage them to look at it. Talk about what letter it begins with. (Please do not write your child's name in capital letters. Write the capital letter for the first letter only.)