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Monday 30th March 2020

Good Morning Nursery! I hope you are well and had a nice weekend with your family. I had a lovely time in my garden and my daughter and I planted some sunflower seeds and we look forward to watching them grow over the next few months. I have really enjoyed looking at all your rainbows in your windows as I have come to work . They definitely made me smile. If you haven't made one yet maybe you will get a chance today.

Home Learning Activities for this week

A good idea might be to draw a timetable of the day each morning for those children who like more structure. For those parents who are still working, you may just want to do a little activity when you can.


The most important daily activity is reading. Please get your child looking at books, talking about the story, the characters, using their imagination and creating their own stories.  Make sure you are reading to your child every day where possible and them to retell a story to you!

Our author this term has been Micheal Rosen. Click on the link to watch an animated story of the Bear Hunt.

  • Try drawing a picture of a bear. What sound does bear begin with? Can you write that letter?
  • Keep writing your name using your name card, in sand/flour, in paint etc.


  • Can you find all the bears in your house? How many have you got? Can you order them from smallest to biggest? Do they all look the same? Can you describe one of the bears? 
  • Go on a number hunt if you go out for a walk. Can you write the numbers down or tick them off on a sheet?
  • Keep singing lots of number songs and counting to 10 and back down to 1. Can you start counting from any number?

Other ideas

  • Please have a go at Cosmic Kids Yoga on You Tube and choose an episode.
  • Please build a model with a construction kit you have at home.

Every Monday I will post new ideas for home learning.

Hope everyone has a good week. Look after yourselves and your family and I am thinking of you all.

Mrs Abbott


Monday 23rd March 2020

Hello to all the nursery children. 

Today has been a very difficult and emotional day for all of us. We are sad that we won't see most of you over the next coming weeks and we are sad that you will not see your friends as often as you are used to. I know some of you will be a little bit confused but please don't get cross with your parents when they are trying to help you. Parents I know you will be doing what you can to support your children while also working from home and we really do appreciate it.

The nursery team are now trying to be as positive as possible and hopefully things will start to get better soon and we will all be back together again before we know it! 

We don't want to set too much work for you as we know you are all very busy working too however, if you want some extra activities for your child then please have a look at the links below which cover different areas of the curriculum.

Home Ideas

We sent home your name cards. Try to write your name in the garden with large chalks or with paint brushes and water.

Share a story with an adult

Some children are making rainbow pictures to stick at the front of their house to make people smile. Maybe you could have ago at making one.

Please can you practise counting sets of objects when you are playing with your toys. Can you make a group that has more/fewer in it?

Can you find any numbers in your house? Go on a number hunt.

Also find time to have some fun, play family games, jigsaws, play outside and get creative.


Little Lions please remember to water your plants.


Please everyone stay in and stay safe and to all our key worker parents THANKYOU!


Kind regards,

Mrs Abbott, Miss Taylor, Miss Haughton and Miss Tucker


Home Learning

A range of home learning activities suitable for each year group can be found here on Classroom Secrets -

Please note, this link will only work on a PC/laptop and unfortunately is not compatible with phones or tablets.

March 2020


March 2020

This term, the nursery have been reading the story 'Goldilocks and the Three Bears'. They have been acting out the story through 'talk for writing' and playing in the three bears' cottage. They also tasted porridge, adding different ingredients to make it just right. 

The three bears' cottage was turned into a crime scene. Someone came into nursery and made the cottage a mess and the children had to look at the clues and investigate who it might have been. They made wanted posters and stuck them around the school to find out who did it. 

After reading 'A Chair For Baby Bear', the children designed a chair for baby bear and used their creative and building skills to make models of them.

Overall this was a  very enjoyable topic and the children all worked very hard!

March 2020

Outdoor learning and great fun!!

March 2020

The children were asked to make a story in a jar for world book day. Here are all the amazing jars our children created.

February 2020

National Tell a Fairy Tale Day was a great success and the children all enjoyed talking about their favourite books. The day was full of magical activities such as wand making, beanstalk measuring, sharing books with our friends and using the small world resources to create our own fairy tale worlds.

A big thank you to all the parents for making all the children look amazing and for making our love of stories come to life!

February 2020

This week we have been learning about Shrove Tuesday and making our own pancake batter. We had to measure out all the ingredients and mix them altogether. We watched how the liquid batter changed to a pancake after it had been heated. Mrs Abbott flipped the pancake in the air and everyone cheered. We enjoyed eating our pancakes and choosing the different toppings to put on the top of them.

January 2020

Happy New Year of the Rat!!

In the nursery we have been learning about special times for our families and friends. The week has been full of exciting and creative activities. We found out why it was the year of the rat and about the other animals in the traditional Chinese story. We made dancing dragons and Chinese rattle drums. For snack time we tasted noodles and prawn crackers. We used our 2D shapes to make our own representations of Chinese dragons and we talked about the names of the shapes we had used.  On the interactive white board we watched dragon parades in China Town. 

During the week we also made noodles dance. This science experiment helped the children to understand that when some liquids mix together they can react with each other. The children watched how the vinegar, water and baking soda 'exploded' over the glass and how the air bubbles made the noodles dance.  This was very exciting and the activity was asked to be repeated several times.


November 2019

Christmas celebrations have begun in the nursery and over the past couple of weeks we have been thinking about what we would like from Father Christmas. We have all written our letters and drawn beautiful pictures to Santa but we realised that for the letters to reach the North Pole we needed  a stamp on our envelope. We walked to the post office and used some money to buy a stamp. We had to weigh our envelope on the post office scales and we talked about where we needed to place the stamp. Once we had given the lady in the post office some money, we walked  outside and posted the letters through the letter box. The children were very excited and as we walked back to nursery, we looked for letters and numbers on doors and cars and sang Christmas songs. 

There was a road we needed to cross so we learned how to cross the road safely.

When we returned to nursery, we were very surprised to find that a kind elf had left us some toast and hot chocolate for our snack. 

Our next job is to make our very own Christmas post office in the nursery.

Thank you very much to all the adult helpers who walked with us. 

November 2019

In our nursery, we have been thinking about the brave men and women who died in the first world war. We dressed in red, coloured in poppy pictures and made a large painting of poppies growing in a field. 

October 2019

What a busy term we have all had. All the children have settled in really well to our nursery rules and routines and the staff have enjoyed learning all about them and their families. 

We have learnt so much in our first term. Most children now can recognise their name and they all enjoy joining in with our daily counting songs. We have been finding out all about Autumn and the changes that they see in their local environment. Our Autumn area has been very popular with children keen to add to it with leaves, conkers, pine-cones and pumpkins. We have used these resources to paint pictures and create patterns in playdough. We have also been exploring the inside of pumpkins by scooping out the flesh and hammering nails into the skin. 

This month, we have been finding out all about Diwali 'The Festival of Light'. We read the story of Rama and Sita and the evil King. We used coloured sand and 2D shapes to make Rangoli patterns. We also looked at Henna patterns by drawing around our hands and making our own designs. 

I think we all deserve a half term rest ready to start again on Monday 4th November. 

After the holidays, we will start the reading challenge in Nursery. Letters will be sent home on the first week back. Hope everyone has a lovely rest and thank you for all your continued support. 



Dear Nursery Parents/Carers,

BBC Tiny Happy People launched in Greater Manchester yesterday and it has some fabulous resources for you to support your children’s communication skills. 

It is full of ideas and video clips that help you to develop your child's skills through interaction and play. Please click on the link below.,UXS7,5T67HK,35GUY,1

Our first weeks in Nursery

The nursery children have finally started their journey through the foundation stage and what a busy couple of weeks they have all had. All the children are trying very hard to remember all the new rules and routines and have been very busy. We have been choosing within the new classroom and exploring the outside area.  We have been learning to keep our bodies healthy by washing our hands correctly with soap and water. Well done everyone!

Parents please help your child by displaying their name in their bedroom or on the fridge and encourage them to look at it. Talk about what letter it begins with. (Please do not write your child's name in capital letters. Write the capital letter for the first letter only.)