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Friday 26th March 2021

Unfortunately, parents are not able to come into the nursery at the moment so here are a couple of our wonderful displays.

Friday 26th March 2021

The nursery have had an amazing 2 weeks looking after and caring for the chicks. They have watched first hand the life cycle of the hen.  The children have been recording what they have found out through painting, pre-writing marks, making models in playdough and making an information book. We all had the opportunity to have a hold and stoke them. Thank you to Myles and his family for looking after the chicks at the weekend. We will miss the chicks and we hope they enjoy being back on the farm.

Friday 19th March 2021

The chicks arrived this week and the nursery children have enjoyed finding out about the life cycle of a hen, first hand. We were very lucky to see the chicks hatch in front of our own eyes. This year all the chicks have hatched so now we have 10 to care for. It has been such an exciting time; to be back in nursery and to have our special visitors to look after.

Wonderful Work of the Week

1st -5th March 2021

Wonderful Work of the Week

22nd- 26th February 2021

February 2021

Celebrating Chinese New Year of the OX

Wonderful Work of the Week

8th -12th February 2021

Wonderful Work of the Week

1st - 5th February 2021

Tuesday 2nd February

Polar Bear Art


25th - 29th  January 2021

Wonderful Work of the Week

 Expressive Art and Design - Designing a new chair for Baby Bear

18-22 January 2021

Wonderful Work of the Week

Thursday 21st January 2021

Today the children had to find objects around their home that began with the same sounds as the letters in their name. The children who completed this task all enjoyed finding the objects. Can you read their names by looking at the objects only. Look carefully because it is very tricky.

Well done Nursery, you are doing a super job in exploring the letters in your name while learning at home.

Wednesday 16th December 2020

Friday 11th December

The Christmas Markets have arrived at Denton West End Primary School and the children in Nursery had a fantastic time moving around the different stalls. The markets were part of the reading challenge reward.. The children made Christmas pinecones for their Christmas tree at home, reindeer hats for their Christmas party, developed their hand-eye coordination while playing with balloons during P.E and used their finger prints to decorate Christmas trees. 

The children have worked so hard to complete their challenge and I would like to say a big thank you to all the Parents/Carers for supporting your child at home with this vital part of learning.

25th November 2020

All the nursery children are starting to get very excited about Christmas. They have all written their special letters to Father Christmas and today we posted them in the post box. Before we put our coats on, we talked about how we would walk there safely and hold our friend's hand. We also discussed how we would pay for the letters to be sent. We looked at stamps, envelopes and why we needed to write the address.

When we returned to nursery we were all very surprised to find a visitor in the nursery. Our Nursery elf had returned for another year. He had brought us hot chocolate and buttery toast to keep us warm after our long walk. 

25th September 2020


This week in Nursery we have been reading the book ‘While We Can’t Hug’.                      

 Click on the link below to watch the animated story.


After reading the story, we talked about how we can make our family and friends happy and show them how much we love them when we can’t hug them.

In the story, the two animals painted rainbows for each other. In the nursery, we found a friend to paint a picture with. The two friends had to take it in turns to choose a colour and paint a rainbow together.

Also in the story, the two animals pulled funny faces to make each other laugh. The nursery class used different types of fruit and vegetables to make funny faces. We also talked about the names of the food that we used.


Now the Autumn days are starting to arrive, please can you help your child to put on their coats independently. We don’t expect them to zip their coat up but if you can start the bottom part of the zip for them and encourage them to pull the zip up and down.


Below are all the funny faces we made. Click on each group to see your child's creation and I am sure it will make you smile.

18th September 2020

Our first week in Nursery

The nursery children have finally started their journey through the foundation stage and what a busy couple of weeks they have all had. All the children are trying very hard to remember all the new rules and routines and have been very busy. We have been choosing within the new classroom and exploring the outside area.  We have been learning to keep our bodies healthy by washing our hands correctly with soap and water. Well done everyone!

Parents please help your child by displaying their name in their bedroom or on the fridge and encourage them to look at it. Talk about what letter it begins with. (Please do not write your child's name in capital letters. Write the capital letter for the first letter only.)