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July 2019

The nursery children have been exploring the school field for minibeasts. 

July 2019

This term, the children in the nursery have been able to observe the amazing life cycle of the butterfly. They have been watching the caterpillars change in front of their eyes from tiny caterpillars to big, fat caterpillars.  They watched as the cocoons hung from the top of the net and then transform into beautiful butterflies.  After reading the story 'The Very Hungry Caterpillar' written by Eric Carle and finding out information using the internet, the children were about to understand the transformation process and today we set the butterflies free into the big wide world. 


July 2019

This month, the Nursery children have been very busy finding out about reception. They have been visiting their new classrooms and workshop area and meeting the staff. They also had the opportunity to try  the hot school dinners for the first time. The fish fingers and ice-cream were a very popular choice.

June 2019

During money sense week, the nursery children enjoyed exploring coins. They used gold, silver and copper crayons to make coin rubbings. They used one pence coins to find out the value of the numicon pieces. The nursery fancy dress shop was open again but this time the children had to recognise how values are written down and find the correct numicon piece to match the value before they could hire the costumes. The shop was very popular and the children were very good at understanding money concepts and finding out new vocabulary. We also discussed where money comes from and what we need money for.

April 2019

This April, the chicks arrived in our nursery. We had 10 eggs and we were lucky enough to have 10 chicks hatch. The children were able to watch first hand how the chicks changed and grew. We numbered the egg shells and guessed which chick would hatch first. Once the chicks were old enough to be handled, the children enjoyed holding them. On the weekend, the chicks were looked after by Jack and  Chloe (two children from key stage two). Jack wrote some information about the chicks and came to nursery and read his writing to the nursery children. This was such an exciting time for our nursery and all the children relished the learning opportunity. 

March 2019

Science Week

This week, the Nursery have been taking part in lots of fun Science activities that help them to understand the world. They watched Professor Brainstorm as he froze a banana solid and they took part in making a human circuit. Also, Andrew from Animals Intuition came in with his amazing animals. The children had the opportunity to find out all about sand fish, Tom the tree frog, Mr Tickle the snake and Incy the spider. The children learned about what they ate, how they move and where they live. They were excited to touch the animals and learned how to handle them with care. The children thought of lots of describing words to describe what they were feeling.

March 7th 2019

This year for world book day, we have been reading one of our favourite stories. Elmer and his bright patchwork colours has always been popular in our nursery and this year we celebrated his 30th birthday by dressing in our favourite colour. We took part in lots of fun activities and of course listened to the first Elmer story.  We decorated elephant biscuits, printed patchwork elephants, practised our pencil control and designed our own colourful elephants. 

Thank you Elmer for all your lovely stories over the 30 years.

March 5th 2019

This week, we have been celebrating Shove Tuesday and thinking about what we would give up for Lent. The children made pancakes using all fresh ingredients. They counted out the three special ingredients: milk,flour and eggs and they were all very keen to stir the mixture around. In groups, we walked down to the kitchen where Mrs Abbott flipped the pancakes in the air. Did any of the pancakes land on the floor?

The children had the choice of golden syrup, sugar or lemon to put on the top of their pancake. A yummy day was had by all!

February 2019

On Tuesday 27th February, it was national 'Tell a Fairy tale Day'. All the children came to nursery dressed as their favourite fairy tale character. We had some amazing costumes and the children had the opportunity to talk about their character and what they liked about the story. The children took part in lots of fun activities. They made magic wands, decorated shields and designed their own crowns. They all enjoyed the day and have asked if they can dress up again!!

February 2019

We have been having lots of fun celebrating Chinese New Year. We all tasted traditional Chinese food such as prawn crackers, noodles and fortune cookies. Some of the children were very keen to use the chopsticks. This year is the Chinese new year of the pig and while listening to Chinese music, all the children used the pink play dough to make a model of a pig using a variety of resources. During storytime children heard the traditional story of how the order of the animals was decided. 

During our maths development we used 2D shapes to create our own representations of Chinese dragons. Hope you enjoy the photos below.

January 2019

Snow fun has certainly arrived at Denton West End Nursery! Today the children had a great time exploring the nursery garden with the buckets and spades. They made little snowmen and snowcastles. We talked about the sound our boots made when we walked on the snow and what it felt like to hold snow in our hands.  

In the afternoon, we all went on the big field. We enjoyed climbing on the large snowballs the older children had made and finding parts of the field that no-one had walked on. 

December 2018

What a fantastic festive season we have had. The children have enjoyed making Christmas cards, Christmas wreaths by threading ribbons, making bird friendly reindeer food and of course having a Christmas party and meeting Father Christmas.

I would like to say a very big well done to all the Nursery children, who did a great job singing and dancing in the Christmas nativity show.

 28th November 2018

Today we went on our Christmas post office walk. We all got wrapped up in our hats, scarves and wellingtons. We went to buy a stamp for our Father Christmas Letters. The lady at the post office was very kind and helped us to weigh our envelope and count out our money. Once the stamp was stuck on the envelope, we posted it the post box. 

When we returned to Nursery, we had a little surprise. A little Christmas elf brought us all some hot chocolate and a slice of toast for our snack. We were all very excited and had lots of conversations about our trip. 

A big thank you to all the parents that helped walk the children to the post office. It was much appreciated!

November 2018

This month we having learning about Diwali, the festival of light. We have been reading and listening to the story of Rama and Sita and we have been creating rangoli patterns with rice and coloured sand. We also looked at henna patterns on photographs and then drew round our hands and created our own henna patterns. We had lots of discussion time about how our friends and families celebrate special times within the year. 

October 2018

This week, we have been exploring space as part of our whole school science week. We have had lots of fun counting moon rocks, creating our own aliens in the galaxy playdough, using 3D shapes to make our own rockets and we used our imagination when playing with our new space rocket. We particularly enjoyed listening to stories about space and singing one of our favourite songs 'Five Little Men in a Flying Saucer'. We were fascinated to watch a real space shuttle take off and find out how astronauts move around on the international space station.

Our Term in Nursery

The nursery children have finally started their journey through the foundation stage and what a fantastic couple of weeks they have all had. All the children have settled in very well and have been very busy. We have been choosing within the new classroom and exploring the outside area.  Well done everyone!