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Year 3

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Our Geography topic this term is rocks. We have learnt all about the 3 types of rocks: igneous, sedimentary and metamorphic. To help us understand their processes of formation, we created our own rocks using yummy ingredients at the rock café! 

World Book Day

To celebrate World Book Day, we dressed up, did a special book quiz, answered book themed word problems, designed a book cover and listened to stories. We have had a lovely day and thank you for all your help with the costumes!

Spy Gadget

Our topic this half term is spies. We have been designing our own spy gadgets and then made them to help us explain how they work. 

River Mersey

On Tuesday, we went to the Museum of Liverpool to learn all about the River Mersey and how it is used to import and export goods. We had a lovely time! 


We have been applying our multiplication skills to word problems this week. We are proud of our presentation too!


In Spanish, we have been learning the shapes and learning a bit about their properties too. Today, we had the instruction to draw shapes using our listening skills.


In maths, we have been learning about multiplication and division. We have learnt all about group sizes, the number of groups and the total. We have also used the language 'multiplicand x multiplier = product' to explain our multiplication. With division, we learnt about grouping and sharing and used the language 'dividend / divisor = quotient'. 


We have been learning all about light. We have learnt about light sources, reflections, how to stay safe in the sun and all about shadows. 

Christmas Party 

 Year 3 have had their Christmas party on Monday. We had lots of games, dancing, food and finally lots of fun! 

Art - Mosaics 

This week in art, we have been learning about mosaics liked to our Romans topic. We have been drawing and printing our own designs to creat some mosaic style art. 

D.T - Catapults

In D.T, we have been learning all about how the Romans used catapults in war. We learnt about 2 of the main catapults: the Onager and the Ballista. We then designed, created and evaluated our catapults. It was very tricky but we used our growth mindsets and even when it didn't work, we thought carefully about what we would do if we were to make it again.

Maths Week

This week has been maths week! We have taken part in a special maths carousel where we did four activities based on geometry. We learnt about 2D shapes, 3D shapes, angles and symmetry. We also had a maths lesson from Miss Varney where we investigated numbers based on the book ‘1 is a Snail, 10 is a Crab’. We love maths at DWE!


In history, we have been learning all about the Romans. Today, we learnt about Hadrian’s wall and read a poem all about it.


Year 3 have been working with Mr Doyle to create some collage tessellation art based on the artist MC Escher. It was very messy but lots of fun.

Pirate Day

Today, Year 3 took part in a Pirate day to learn how to be the best pirates so that we can apply for a job on Captain Stubble's ship. We learnt about co-ordinates, directions, history of pirates and much more! We had the best day and we hope the pictures show that! 

Spanish Day

In school, we have celebrated Spanish Day. We had lots of fun learning about Flamenco dancing and even experiencing our very own Flamenco workshop. We also learnt all about Spain and enjoyed eating some Spanish food at lunchtime.


In science, we have been learning all about forces. We have learnt about pushes and pulls, frictions and magnets. We have completed experiments linked to friction and magnets. Our favourite was the magnets, where we investigated which materials are attracted to magnets.


Year 3 have made a fantastic start to the year and have been working extremely hard! In maths, we are learning all about number to 1000 and were using the base 10 to represent the value of the numbers.