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Year 3

Welcome to Year 3

Meet the Year 3 staff











 Miss Hillson

Miss Landy


Mrs Haughton

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Home Learning Week 2

Hello Year 3,

We hope you are all safe and well? We are missing you at school!

On our daily hour of exercise, we have noticed many of you have made rainbows and put them in your windows!

They look amazing!

We wondered if you could make more rainbows and label the colours in French?

We have also been checking up on the times tables rock stars battle, 3H are winning again...come on 3L let's beat them this time!!!

If you have managed to plant your sun flowers, make sure you keep a diary once they start to grow. Measure your sunflowers each week to see how much they have grown and take pictures to bring back to school to share with everyone!

Below we have suggested a few more good websites for you to visit:

For literacy learning at home, there is Pobble 365. This is a fantastic resource to develop a range of skills. Each day, a photo will be uploaded to the website.

You can also use ‘Go Noodle’. Go Noodle have uploaded lots of their videos to YouTube, which you can find by following this link:

A lovely way to be creative is to use the Draw with Rob tutorials. He will be uploading videos twice a week, where he talks you through how to draw different things. There are already a few uploaded, which can be found by following this link:

Scouts have kindly provided plenty of fun, creative activities that you can complete at home. You can use the website to find an activity that interests you. Follow this link to the website for ideas:

You are all doing an amazing job and your teachers are very proud of you all. Keep up the good work, keep smiling and we will see you all very soon!

Miss Landy and Miss Hillson 

Home Learning

A range of home learning activities suitable for each year group can be found here on Classroom Secrets -

Please note, this link will only work on a PC/laptop and unfortunately is not compatible with phones or tablets.


Reading is a great way to occupy your time and develop your imagination. Children should be reading at least 15 minutes per day and also be sharing a book, ideally at bedtime, with an adult. Once children have read the book, get them to answer questions about the characters and their feelings or even write a book review.

In Year 3 we are working on answering how and why questions and a great way to do this is to use pictures. We often us a website called

They provide you with a picture and questions for the children to answer.

Another great app/website is audible, where you can listen to thousands of free stories, that will be read by someone else.


Coming up in literacy over the next few weeks our focus was looking at features of a diary. At home children could be writing their own diaries about what they have been doing at home, including their thoughts and feeling, to share with other family members in the future. 

Another focus in Year 3 is to write sentences that are punctuated correctly using capital letters and full stops and use a variety of conjunctions. Below we have included a list of co-coordinating conjunctions and subordinating conjunctions for children to try to include within their diary writing. Another great activity is to get the children to spot these conjunctions within their reading.

Co-ordinating conjunctions- and, so, but, or 

Subordinating conjunctions- if, since, as, when, although, while, after, before, until, because 


Whilst at home allow the children to get out their spelling books and practice spelling any previous words we have sent home. We have also included spellings for the next few weeks and a remember to keep practicing the Year 3 and 4 curriculum spelling list, which was glued into the front of your planners at the start of the year.

Week 5 Spellings                                           

 Creating negative meanings using prefix /mis/

  1. misspell
  2. misslead
  3. mistreat
  4. misbehave
  5. mistrust
  6. misprint
  7. misuse
  8. misheard
  9. misread 

Week 6 Spellings 


Creating negative meanings using prefix /dis/

  1. dislike
  2. disobey
  3. discolour
  4. disappear
  5. dishonest 
  6. disbelieve
  7. discontinue
  8. disapprove 


Our next focus in maths is looking at mass, measuring in grams and kilograms. A great way to teach children about this is to get them helping you to bake.  Below is a link to the BBC good food website.

Whilst at home remember to keep practicing your times tables. We have played many games in class that the children can show you at home and we have also set up class battle against 3H and 3L. 


Year 3 history looks at the Romans, Anglo- Saxons and the Vikings. Whilst at home get your children to research about these and make a leaflet, poster or a power point about the key facts.


Our next focus in science is looking at plants and growth. It was our aim to get them to grow their own sunflower. This is something that can be still done at home in the house or the garden. Allow the children to take care of the sunflower giving it water, oxygen and warmth and to keep a record on it height, linked to our previous maths topic on length. 


Leading on from our science topic we would like the children to research the artist Van Gough and his famous painting of the sunflower. Once their sunflower has grown, challenge the children to make their own piece of art. 



Year 3 Light Workshop

Our science topic this half term is all about light. This week we had a workshop with Mr B, which gave us lots of information about this topic and answered any questions we had. We looked at the science behind light and also the history of light. We painted with light and made rainbows in a dark room using prisms and torches. We had lots of fun!!!

Making a Sandwich for Manfred the Baddie!!

In Year 3 we have linked our literacy with our design technology topic. We have been reading the story of Manfred the Baddie and decided to help the henchmen by making the perfect sandwich for Manfred. Today we made our sandwiches and we got to taste and evaluate them.

Year 3 Maths

We have been learning our multiplication and division facts in lots of fun ways!! We played connect 4 using our multiplication facts and went on Times Table Rock Stars. We also challenged our friends to write word problems to match the calculation we had written. 

3L Class Assembly 

On Thursday 13th February Class 3L performed their assembly. Our topic was on ocean pollution and we gave a very important message to everyone who watched. Miss Landy was very proud of our loud, clear, confident voices. We hope you enjoyed it too!

Week 4 Spellings

W/C 3rd February

Test 10th February


Words with a /k/sound spelt with ‘ch’


  1. scheme
  2. school
  3. chorus
  4. ache
  5. stomach
  6. character
  7. echo
  8. chemistry
  9. technology

Conrad Burdekin 

Year 3 enjoyed working with Conrad Burdekin to create their own poems. We used rhyming pairs and put actions to our poems to perform to the rest of the school.

3L- Ocean Pollution

3H- We're Going on a Teacher Hunt



This term we have linked our geography with our literacy topic and have been learning about the importance and the effects of plastic pollution on our environment. We each made a poster to encourage people to reduce the amount of plastic they use, to reuse any plastic they use and to recycle what they do use. We have really enjoyed this topic and have learnt that one small change can make a big difference.


W/C 20th January

Test 27th January



  1. automatic
  2. autocue
  3. autograph
  4. autopilot
  5. subheading
  6. submarine
  7. submerge
  8. subordinate


W/C 6th January

Test 13th January




  1. tearful
  2. joyful
  3. careful
  4. playful
  5. colourful
  6. sadness
  7. sickness
  8. neatness
  9. blackness
  10. greatness

Rock Cafe 

In science, we have been learning about rocks and soils. We have learnt about the 3 types of rock; these are Sedimentary, Igneous and Metamorphic. We used different ingredients to show the process each rock goes through as it is formed. We had so much fun and learnt a lot!!

Rock Star Day

 We had lots of fun on rock star day!!! We learnt different ways to practice our 4 times table.!!

Spellings Week 3

W/C 18th November

Test 26th November


Split diagraph










Year 3 Maths

 Our new unit in maths is using models in addition and subtraction. We have been learning about bar modelling. Bar modelling is a really good way of helping us to understand the relative size of numbers. We have been using the cuisenaire to help tell our own maths stories.

Pirate Day

 As part of our literacy, we have been learning about pirates. We had a pirate day to get us into character. We dressed up and completed pirate missions and researched all about pirates from the past. We all had a brilliant day and luckily none of us were made to walk the plank!!!!

Remembrance Day 

As part of Remembrance Day, we made our own Poppy reefs for our doors. We used egg boxes and decorated them with paint and glitter. 

Spellings Week 2

W/C 11th November

Test – 19th November










Our School Trip to MOSI

 On Tuesday 1st October, we visited the Museum of Science and Industry to learn about forces and magnets which is our new science topic. We had lots of fun. We hope you enjoy the pictures!

Year 3 Chess 

 Class 3L have been learning to play chess over the past few weeks with Mr Hardy. We have been having lots of fun!

Spellings Week 4

W/C 30th September

Test – 8th October

i sound spelled with a y









Year 3 Spy Day

On Friday 13th September, Year 3 enjoyed their very own spy day as part of their literacy topic.

They got to dress up as a spy and completed spy missions during the day in order to graduate from spy school.

We had lots of fun!!


Year 3 Maths

In our maths work, we have been learning about numbers up to 1000. We have been using the base 10 grids and equipment to partition numbers into 100s, 10s and 1s. We have then been counting up in 1s, 10s and 100s using the equipment to help us.