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Year 3

Welcome to Year 3

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The Romans

In Year 3, as part of our Romans topic, we have been learning about Hadrian’s Wall. We learnt and performed a poem for you to enjoy!

The Romans 

Last week, we started our work on the Romans. We looked at the vocabulary and learnt words such as gladiator, amphitheatre, emperor and centurion.

We then had a look at the invasion of the Romans. We made posters for each of the three invasions, looking at when they occurred and what happened during each invasion.  We then presented them with our learning partners to the rest of the class.  

Pirate Day 

Yesterday, Year 3 enjoyed dressing up as pirates for their pirate day.  They listened to pirate stories, found their pirate names and even took down their enemies' ships in a good game of battleships! We had so much fun!


As part of our new geography topic this term, we have been using atlases to locate the different counties of the UK on a map. We have also located the county we live in.


During our first week in Year 3, the children have been setting themselves personal goals that they would like to achieve. As part of our first jigsaw piece, Being Me In My World, the children have also been celebrating something they have already achieved and something they are proud of. To help us celebrate this we made our own medals.