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Year 3

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Rock Cafe

March 2024

In Year 3, we have been learning about the rock cycle and the 3 main types of rocks. To do this, we took part in a 'Rock Cafe'. We used lots of delicious treats such as marshmallows, chocolate, sweets and ice cream to demonstrate how rocks were made. It really helped our understanding and we had a lot of fun.


March 2024

Year 3 have been learning all about fossils in science this week. First, we learnt about the scientist Mary Anning who was a fossil hunter in the 1800s. Then, we learnt about how fossils were formed before applying our knowledge to create some of our own dinosaur fossils.

World Book Day

March 2024

 To celebrate World Book Day, we have been having a no pens day! We have done activies on the ipads, computers and done some artwork. We have really enjoyed the day.


January 2024

In music, we have been learning to compose. We learnt all about the different notes before writing our own tunes. Finally, we performed our own compositions.

Roman Mosaics

December 2023

 In art, we have been learning all about Roman mosaics. We started about learning about mosaics and where you would have found them. After that, we then designed our own taking inspiration from some we studied. Then, we printed our own mosaic borders and tried to match our original designs. Finally, we evaluated our artwork.

Maths Week

November 2023

 In maths week, we took part in a variety of maths activities. Firstly, we took part in the Maths on Toast terrific triangles workshop where we learnt more about tessellation. We also created our own pictograms and then shared our work with year 4. Finally, we had an amazing Times Table Rockstars' day!

Pirate Day

November 2023

Year 3 took part in a Pirate day to learn how to be the best pirates so that we can apply for a job on Captain Stubble's ship. We learnt about co-ordinates, directions, the history of pirates and much more! We had the best day and we hope the pictures show that!

Art Day

October 2023

Our art topic this term was M.C Escher. We were focusing on tessellations and collage to create our own animals. We hope you like our work!


September 2023

In Geography, we have been learning all about the United Kingdom. First, we learnt all about the countries, counties and then the cities of the UK. We then looked at our local area and we learnt that our school is part of Dane Bank, Denton, Tameside, Greater Manchester, the North West of England and Europe!