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Year 3

Welcome to Year 3

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In our Music lessons, we have been learning about Reggae music. Here are some videos of us playing to Three Little Birds by Bob Marley on the glockenspiels. 


Health Week 


As part of Health Week, we learned all about how to keep ourselves healthy physically and mentally. We took a break from school work and played team building games as well as Nerf gunning. We made our own smoothies by peddling on a bike to spin the blades of the blender.


Year 3 Able Writers Day 

On Monday 17th June, some of our year 3 children were fortunate enough to attend an able writers' day with a famous author Harriet Goodwin. They learnt all about how to create characters and write stories. The children really enjoyed the day and are looking forward to sharing what they have learnt with the rest of their class. 


W/C 17th June

Test 24th June


sion/tion endings


  1. division
  2. decision
  3. collision
  4. explosion
  5. confusion
  6. invention
  7. action
  8. injection
  9. completion
  10. hesitation


W/C 10th June

Test 17th June


  1. forget
  2. cover
  3. begin
  4. prefer
  5. limit
  6. control
  7. visit
  8. garden
  9. occur
  10. defer

Spellings - Suffix

W/C 6th May

Test 13th May


  1. information
  2. preparation
  3. admiration
  4. sensation
  5. determination
  6. publication
  7. multiplication
  8. operation

Explore Learning 

Explore learning held a story competition about changing the world. Louisa from class 3L entered the competition and out of the 17000 entries she was a regional finalist and came 41st. I hope you enjoy her reading her story as much as her class did. 


As part of our new science topic, plants, we went out to the field to find different kinds of leaves. The children discovered that different leaves can have many different shapes, colours and textures. 

Spring Chicks 

Children in nursery had the opportunity to raise small chicks and year 3 also got to visit them. The children loved holding them carefully. 

Daily Mile 

The children of Year 3 took a break from their busy school schedule and tried their hardest to run one mile in 15 minutes. This is to give them energy so they are refreshed and ready to learn back in the classroom. 

Spellings - Suffixes

W/C  29th April

Test  6th May


  1. gently
  2. simply
  3. humbly
  4. sensibly
  5. funnily
  6. luckily
  7. lonely
  8. nearly
  9. kindly
  10. slowly

Spellings - Suffixes

W/C 22nd April

Test 29th April


  1. quickly
  2. nicely
  3. lately
  4. closely
  5. sadly
  6. happily
  7. dramatically
  8. frantically
  9. logically
  10. thankfully

Eureka Trip 

We had an amazing time at Eureka this week. This trip has thoroughly prepared us for our science topic about amazing bodies. The programme Chew to the Poo was especially informative and fun! Here are some photos from our trip. 

Science Week 

As part of national science week, we had many visitors to school to inspire our love for learning science. First, Professor Brainstorm came to visit to teach us all about the conductive materials. Then we were able to explore inside the body through Virtual Reality. We loved seeing the journey of food from the mouth to the intestines. Lastly, we ventured out to space in the inflatable planetarium. 

World Book Day 2019 

This World Book Day, our school decided to dress like the colours of Elmer the Elephant. We had lots of fun learning about the new David Walliams book and even had a story teller come into school, sharing her favourite books. 


W/C 18th March

Test 25th March


  1. automatic
  2. autobiography
  3. autograph
  4. anticlockwise
  5. antiseptic
  6. antifreeze
  7. antisocial


W/C 11th March

Test 18th March


  1. supermarket
  2. superstar
  3. superman
  4. supersonic
  5. superpower
  6. superstore
  7. superhuman


W/C 4th March

Test 11th March


  1. reposition
  2. reappear
  3. return
  4. replace
  5. rebuild
  6. recycle
  7. replay
  8. refill


W/C 25th February

Test 4th March


  1. arrive
  2. appear
  3. obvious
  4. scheme
  5. myth
  6. measure
  7. disappoint
  8. information


W/C 4th February

Test 11th February


  1. break
  2. brake
  3. fair
  4. fare
  5. great
  6. grate
  7. here
  8. hear


W/C 28th January

Test 4th February

The sh family

  1. chef
  2. sure
  3. sugar
  4. tissue
  5. mission
  6. brochure
  7. special
  8. station
  9. suspicion
  10. decision



W/C 21th January

Test 28th January

  1. beautiful
  2. accident
  3. caught
  4. decide
  5. believe
  6. although
  7. natural
  8. promise
  9. remember


W/C 7th January

Test 15th January



  1. tearful
  2. joyful
  3. careful
  4. playful
  5. colourful
  6. sadness
  7. sickness
  8. neatness
  9. blackness
  10. greatness


Year 3 Science

Rock Buffet

In science, we created our own rock buffet to show how the three types of natural rocks are formed. We used ice-cream and melted chocolate to show how igneous rocks are formed. We used rice crispies and smarties to show how sedimentary rocks are formed. Finally, we used biscuits, chocolate, jelly sweets and marshmallows to show how metamorphic rocks are formed. We had lots of fun!

Year 3 Maths 

In maths this week, we have been looking at different angles. We put tape on the tables and had to use a protractor to measure each angle and decide if it was a right angle, an acute angle or an obtuse angle. We had lots of fun!

Year 3 Geography 

 In Geography, we have been looking at the effects of plastic pollution. We have made posters to promote the 3 Rs Reduce Reuse Recycle. We also took a pledge to make one change against the use of plastic as we think that one small change will help the planet. 

Chinese New Year

As part of our culture week, Year 3 took part in a Chinese New Year workshop. We learnt the meaning of The Dragon in Chinese culture and danced with traditional Chinese fans and parasols. 

Year 3 Science 

We have had a lot of fun learning about different forces and magnets. We carried out experiments to test out the what materials are magnetic and which ones aren't, as well as testing the strength of magnets. 

Spellings Week 6

W/C 10th December

Test 18th December

‘ i ‘ and igh words


  1. nice
  2. tidy
  3. kind
  4. write
  5. ripe
  6. ride
  7. night
  8. light
  9. fight
  10. might

Diwali Celebration

We have been learning about the Festival of Light, also known as Diwali. The children of Year 3 were given the opportunity to learn tradition Indian dance moves and designed their own Rangoli patterns. 

Spellings Week 4

W/C 26th November 

Test 4th December

Maths words 

  1. length
  2. circle
  3. measure
  4. quarter
  5. minute
  6. weight
  7. straight
  8. height
  9. eight
  10. eighth

World War I Week 

In memory of the 100 year anniversary of World War I, the children had the opportunity of meeting Tommy Atkins, who came in to talk about the difficulties that his grandfather and many others faced in the war. They learned all about the armory, uniform and what it was like on the battlefield. 

Pirate and Dinosaur Day 

As part of our literacy lessons, we have been reading Captain Flinn and the Pirate Dinosaurs. The year 3 children came dressed up as pirates and dinosaurs and took part in pirate themed activities. 

Year 3 Literacy 

As part of our literacy lessons on instruction, we made Autumn Paris Pies using leaves, pine cones, conkers and other autumn foliage. The children had great fun creating their pies as a group and were able to discuss the features needed for instructions. 


Year 3 Science 


This term, we have been investigating light and reflective materials. The children explored different types of materials such as tin foil, CDs, black paper and yellow paper and tested them using a torch. 

Year 3 Chess

Class 3L have been learning to play chess with Mr Hardy. They had a very special visitor this week. Our local MP Andrew Gwynne came to join us and even learnt some chess moves himself. The children have really been enjoying playing chess in the class. 

Class 3L September 2018

Class 3L are reaching for the STARS, setting their own personal targets for the autumn term.

3C's Targets 


 Class 3C are reaching for the stars, setting their own personal targets for the autumn term.

Spellings  Week 1

W/C 10th September

Test – 18th September



  2. skips
  3. smiles
  4. searches
  5. walking
  6. waving
  7. baking
  8. singing
  9. clapping
  10. chatting

Year 3 Spy Day

After watching Walter Beckett in Pigeon Impossible we all enjoyed dressing up as a spy!

We took part in spy missions during the day!

Spellings  Week 2

W/C 17th September

Test – 25th September

‘un’ and ‘dis’

  1. undo
  2. unwell
  3. undress
  4. unusual
  5. unlucky
  6. unhappy
  7. disappear
  8. dishonest
  9. disagree
  10. dislike

Spellings Week 3

W/C  24th September

Test – 2nd October

ed and ing ending words


  1. surprised
  2. astonished
  3. worried
  4. investigated
  5. searched
  6. playing
  7. swimming
  8. helping
  9. finding
  10. creeping

Spellings Week 4

W/C 1st October

Test – 9th October

un and dis ending words


  1. disagree
  2. disappoint
  3. disobey
  4. dishonest
  5. dislike
  6. unable
  7. unbelievable
  8. uncover
  9. undecided
  10. uncertain

Spellings Week  5

W/C 8th October

Test – 16th October

 Words with and without apostrophes


  1. did
  2. didn’t
  3. could
  4. couldn’t
  5. should
  6. shouldn’t
  7. would
  8. wouldn’t
  9. have
  10. haven’t

Spellings Week 2

W/C 12th November

Test – 20th November



  1. see
  2. sea
  3. right
  4. write
  5. wood
  6. would
  7. blew
  8. blue
  9. eight