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Denton West End Primary School

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School Uniform

Children are encouraged to wear school uniform at Denton West End. The wearing of uniform encourages a sense of unity and pride in belonging to Denton West End and ensures that children are suitably dressed for school.

Children are not allowed to wear jeans or football shirts. Clothes bearing a logo are not allowed. The wearing of jewellery is not allowed apart from stud earrings and a watch as items may be lost or may present a safety risk in play or physical activities. School accepts no responsibility for lost jewellery.

Our school sweatshirts are royal blue with lion embroidery. We encourage the children to wear grey or black skirts and trousers. Items include:

  • White or blue polo shirts
  • Blue sweatshirts / cardigans
  • PE-Tee shirt and shorts and outdoor tracksuit (preferably black or blue). A change of footwear. Tee shirts in house colours for pupils in key stage 2.
  • Book bags
  • PE bags

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