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Year 4

Welcome to Year 4

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Y4 Teacher

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World Book Day 

March 2024 


Along with the rest of the school, the children in year 4 really enjoyed celebrating World Book Day! We took part in lots of fun activities including a Guess Who? game, composing our own theme music for the book/character we came dressed as and reading with the children in year 1. 

DT Money Containers

December 2023

This week Year 4 have been designing, making and evaluating money containers for the tooth fairy, linked to their science topic on teeth and eating.

The sewing was tricky but we used our growth mind set and we had some Year 5's come back to help us.

Clay Sculptures 

September 2023

Today in year 4, we had an art day! We started by researching Hazel Reeves (the famous British sculptor). Inspired by her work, we made our own clay sculptures. Our aim was the make sculptures that could stand up on their own. It was quite messy and lots of fun! 

Aztec Shields

September 2023

As part of our History topic about the Aztecs, Year 4 have made their own shields! The children thought carefully about the different geometric patterns and designs they could include to make them stand out. Then we added colourful feathers, which the Aztecs used to show their status and how important they were! We used our knowledge of the Aztec social hierarchy to discuss who would have had the largest and most colourful feathers!

Welcome to Year 4!

September 2023

Year 4 have all made a fantastic start to the new school year. It has been really lovely getting to know each other more! We have already taken part in lots of fun activities and have spent some time thinking about our targets for the upcoming weeks, as part of our Investors in Pupils. 

We all look forward to a wonderful year ahead!