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Year 4

Welcome to Year 4

Meet the Year 4 staff

Miss Fallows Mrs Ashton
Y4 Teacher

Y4 Teacher

KS2 Leader of Learning

Mad Scientist Day

Alien Day.

Year 4 have had a great day in character as aliens! We have practised our multiplication skills playing alien themed top trumps and designed and described our own aliens to use in our computing work. 

Maths Week 

Last week was Maths week across England and the children took part in a range of Maths activities to celebrate. On Monday, we visited all of the year 3 and 4 teachers and played a mixture of games. We have sent some home as homework - we hope you have enjoyed them! On Wednesday, we took part in a Maths workshop where we enjoyed collecting and interpreting data. We have also continued our learning on numbers to 10,000. Here are some pictures to show you our amazing work. 

Visit from Oliver Dunn, the chocolatier.

This week, we had an exciting visit from Oliver Dunn, the chocolatier. The children loved making and eating their own chocolate. We also linked this to our Science topic and discussed how melting chocolate is a reversible change. 

Science - Ice Cream Making

This half term, the children in year 4 have been learning about solids, liquids and gases. This week we made ice cream. We found out that salt added to ice lowers the melting point, absorbing the heat from the ice cream ingredients, allowing it to freeze. We also know that ice cream is a reversible change, it starts as a solid but once melted, turns into a liquid. This process can be reversed by freezing the liquid. We enjoyed making ice cream and added sprinkles as an extra treat!

Chocolate Making Machines

The children have been busy designing and junk modelling chocolate machines this week in school. They have worked brilliantly as a team to make an invention which they will be using to write an explanation text about in Literacy. Using their imagination, they have a chocolate making machine with special features such as conveyor belts, sliding doors, buttons and levers. We will share our writing with you next week!


We have started a new Science Topic in Year 4 on states of matter. The children have been learning about solids, liquids and glasses and have enjoyed classifying a variety of items we have found around school. 


We are really enjoying our history topic. The children have made Aztec shields, often known as chimalli. The Aztecs were known as fierce warriors, showing bravery in battle earning respect  and wealth. To show their status, warriors would decorate their shields with animal skin, feathers and Aztec patterns.  

Pyjama day!

In Year 4, we have started our new literacy topic by reading 'Nat Fantastic', we had a super day dressed in our pyjamas, eventually leaving as a superhero! 

Welcome to Year 4!

As part of our welcome back to school activities, the children have discussed their hopes for this year and set themselves a target they would like to achieve this half term. We have created our Up, Up and away display using tissue paper to make hot air balloons. We have shared this with you below.