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Year 4

Welcome to Year 4

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Y4 Teacher

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Aztec Shields

September 2023

As part of our History topic about the Aztecs, Year 4 have made their own shields! The children thought carefully about the different geometric patterns and designs they could include to make them stand out. Then we added colourful feathers, which the Aztecs used to show their status and how important they were! We used our knowledge of the Aztec social hierarchy to discuss who would have had the largest and most colourful feathers!

Welcome to Year 4!

September 2023

Year 4 have all made a fantastic start to the new school year. It has been really lovely getting to know each other more! We have already taken part in lots of fun activities and have spent some time thinking about our targets for the upcoming weeks, as part of our Investors in Pupils. 

We all look forward to a wonderful year ahead!

Living Things and their Habitats

We went on the school field today to see what living things and habitats we could find as part of our science work.

Science Eggsperiment 

As part of our Science topic on teeth and eating, we carried out an experiment to investigate the effects different drinks have on our teeth. We used egg shells to represent the enamel on our teeth and we carefully placed the eggs into plastic cups filled with cola, coffee, water and juice. We also put toothpaste on parts of the egg shells to see just how much toothpaste protects the enamel on our teeth. 

Alien Invasion 

Last week, aliens invaded Year 4!

Maths Week!

Year 4 have had a fun filled week of maths, games and problem solving. We started off our week by writing our own two step word problems and we shared them with Mrs Sutlow. She was very impressed!

On Tuesday, we took part in a maths carousel where we learnt about angles, symmetry, 2D shapes and 3D shapes. We learnt so much!

Then, towards the end of the week, we had past pupils visit us from Denton Community College and teach us some tricky problem solving questions. 

We were also lucky enough to have Miss Varney teach us a fun lesson about multiplication and we then used our multiplication knowledge to take part in England Rocks and our own battle against the Year 3s on Times Tables Rockstars. 

Alien Day

On Monday, we dressed as aliens and took part in lots of extra terrestrial fun and games

Ice Cream Making

Our science topic this half term is States of Matter. We have been learning about the 3 states of matter: solids, liquids and gases. To help us observe how materials can change state when cooled or heated, we made our ice cream. We have included the recipe and the method for you to try at home!

Spanish Day 

For Spanish day, Year 4 looked at Mexico.  We dressed in the colours of the Mexico flag and learnt all about Mexico.  We also researched a very famous Mexican artist called Frida Kahlo and we drew self portraits in the style of her work.  We then finished the day by learning to flamenco dance. 


Year 4 have been making Aztec shields as part of their history topic.


Year 4 had their first music lesson today. They learnt all about the ukulele and by the end of their first lesson they were starting to perform a piece of music. They really enjoyed themselves. 


Year 4 have been enjoying art with Mr Doyle. They have been working hard using clay to make structures that will stand alone. After some practice, they all made their own clay person, which they will use as part of our history topic on the Aztecs.

Pyjama day!

In Year 4, we have started our new literacy topic by reading 'Nat Fantastic'.  We had a super day dressed in our pyjamas, making masks, tasting chocolate, designing some pop art and  eventually leaving as a superhero!