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Year 5

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As part of our science topic, we have been learning about the heliocentric model of the solar system. We learnt all about orbits and what a year was on a planet and we were amazed to learn that one year on Neptune is 165 Earth years! To show our learning, we went outside and drew the model in chalk and have great fun explaining orbits using them!

Football competition

Yesterday, some of the Year 5 boys went to a special tournament at the Cliff Manchester United training ground. They worked really well as a team and had an amazing time!

ArtBytes competition

Earlier this year, some of our talented year 5 children were entered into the ArtBytes competition and it is now open for the public vote! Please follow the link to view the amazing work and to vote for your favourite! 

Tatton Park Trip 

Last Friday, Year 5 went on a special trip to Tatton Park. Our trip was based on our current History topic, which has been all about the Stone Age to the Iron Age. We had a fantastic day, where were  took part in lots of different, fun activities to help us learn more about life during these times. We each had a go at making a real fire, studying different weapons and tools, as well as helping to wattle and daub a roundhouse structure. We had a great time!


Well done to all the children for their fantastic behaviour and lovely manners, which were commented on throughout the day - we were very proud of you all! Also, thank you very much to our parent helpers, we hope you had a great day too! 

Stone Age to Iron Age

This week, we have started our new History topic: Stone Age to Iron Age. We will be learning all about the progress that was made and the way humans lived during these times. Today, we started by looking at the Stone Age and learning about different artefacts that allow us to understand what life might have been like all those years ago. We began by looking at cave paintings that have been dated back to the Stone Age and then had a go at drawing our own! 


Art with Mr Doyle

Today, we have been working with Mr Doyle to draw in 3D using perspective. We were so proud of our drawings of a street that we would love to share them with everyone at home! 

Ancient Greek Day

On Monday 29th November, we had a very special visit from Poly of Athens. In the morning, we learnt the story about how Zeus (the God of the Sky) became the ruler of the Gods and all about the different city states in Ancient Greece. After that, we performed a Greek myth called Theseus and the Minotaur; we had some fantastic acting! After playtime, we completed a quiz and an Ancient Greek puzzle; the teacher's even had a race against Poly but he won every time! In the afternoon, we put on our own mini Olympics where we completed in a range of events including javelin, discus and our teachers' favourite singing! We all had a lot of fun and learnt so much! We want to thank all parents/carers for putting so much effort into all the costumes as it really helped make our day so special!

The Parthenon

As part of our Ancient Greek history topic, we have been looking at the architecture of Ancient Greek buildings. We started by looking at some images of the buildings and identified that they used a lot of columns. We then learnt about the top of the columns which are called the capitals. We looked at the different styles and had a go at drawing some ourselves too. Finally, we learnt about the Parthenon which is the temple for the Goddess Athena and then had a go at building our own while trying to make it as accurate as possible in time. We had so much fun and were really proud of our creations!

Maths Week

This week in school, it has been maths week. To celebrate, we have taken part in many maths activities. On Monday, we visited all the year 5 and 6 teachers to complete a different maths game which we have sent some of them home to share with you. We have also been going on Times Table Rockstars to contribute the the England Rocks competitions which is a national competition! On Wednesday, we had a very special visit from Mrs Varney who taught us all about decimal numbers using the cuisenaire rods to help us. This was a really fun activity and we learnt a lot! There are some pictures below to show you the work we did with Mrs Varney.


In music lessons this week, we have been learning all about classic rock music. We have loved this topic and our favourite part has been learning to sing Livin on a Prayer by Bon Jovi! We hope you love our performances which you can see below!

Red Carpet Assembly

Today, we had our first red carpet assembly of the year! The children have been working so hard on their times tables to achieve their lanyards and we can't wait to see them wearing them around school and earning the stars for them! We hope there will be more children for our next one. A big well done!

Roald Dahl Poetry

Last week, we started our Literacy unit on Poetry. We explored the writing style of Roald Dahl and used his poems with the theme of animals to write our own. We then studied some of his poetry being performed and used this as inspiration for our own performances. 


Well done everyone!

Our First Week 

The children have already been working so hard and have impressed us with their learning. In our classrooms, we have displayed some of the fantastic work the children have produced from our first 2 days back at school, and we have included photos below for you to have a look at. To begin with, the children created their own robots with information all about them. Then, each child chose a target for this half term and wrote them on an individual star for our Investors in Pupils display.