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Year 5

Welcome to Year 5


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Tatton Park - Stone Age to Iron Age Trip

As part of our Stone Age to Iron Age topic, Year 5 visited Tatton Park to take part in lots of different activities, which helped us to learn more about these times in history. We all had the chance to create a wattle and daub structure, use real Bronze Age and Iron Age tools to do some farming, create fires and explore different artefacts. We all had a fantastic day; the children were so engaged and well behaved throughout. Well done everyone! 

Science - Forces 

This half term, Year 5 have been learning all about different forces. We have carried out many interesting investigations to find the answer to different questions such as 'does the size of a parachute affect the air resistance created?'. We have worked hard to ensure that each test was fair and discuss how we can make predictions based on what we already know. We've had a brilliant time and learnt lots of new information! 

Maths Week

Year 5 have thoroughly enjoyed Maths week. We took part in a range of Maths activities: an online Nrich workshop; a Maths carousel across Years 5 and 6 that focused on 2D and 3D shapes; a word problem maths lesson with teachers from Audenshaw High School; and a lesson with Miss Varney, a Maths teacher who works throughout school, using the book '1 is a Snail, 10 is a Crab' to explore different ways to make 100.

Greek Day

Last week, Year 5 had our very own Ancient Greek day. We had a brilliant time learning about the different cities, such as Athens and Sparta and how the people of these cities lived differently. We also used drama to retell some Greek mythology stories, then we took part in a quiz, learnt about the weapons the hoplites  would have used and held our very own Olympic Games. This was a fantastic start to our new History topic and we all had a wonderful day!

Spanish Day! 

In order to create interest and excitement for Languages, KS2 celebrated our very own Spanish Day! 

During the day, Year 5 learnt all about Argentina. We created our own booklets, did some Argentinian art and dressed up in the colours of the flag. We also all took part in a flamenco dance lesson and each child was given the opportunity to try some traditional Spanish food. We all had a fantastic day and can't wait to start our upcoming Spanish topic. 


Welcome to Year 5!

September 2022

As part of our start to the year, we have created individual targets to try and achieve this term.   Our target displays are Space themed to fit with our science topic later this year. We have also created all about me robots and displayed them in our classroom.