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Denton West End Primary School

Only our best is good enough


OUR Curriculum INTENT

Our school is situated in an area of Greater Manchester which has a long and fascinating history with many significant events and historical figures which have contributed to the wider world. Our curriculum reflects the locality and some of these significant events. We aim to celebrate this and educate children to ensure they are proud of the area in which they reside. In turn this will develop inquisitiveness and an appreciation of where they live.

We are an academy but base our teaching of the foundation subjects around the National Curriculum suggestions with some adaptations which echo the legacy of Manchester and its significant figures.

Our intake is mainly white British and we aim to widen experiences so that our children develop empathy and an appreciation of diversity, different faiths and cultures.

Our school motto of ‘Only Our Best is Good Enough’ is aspirational. We expect children to take pride in their learning and aim to be the best that they can, achieving their potential. Linked with our core values of being positive, caring, confident and being able to work together enables our children to develop empathy and build their independence ensuring they are ready for the next steps in their education when they leave primary school.

Central to this is the ability to communicate confidently. By developing children to become confident speakers we hope to develop that sense of inquisitiveness.

Reading is central to learning at Denton West End and children must have access to a wide range of quality literature that is linked not only to English teaching but through other areas of the curriculum.

Our pledge to the children whilst they are at Denton West End is:

  • To be exposed to a wide range of high quality reading books and materials
  • To learn about the local area, its heritage and some of the key figures that have had worldwide impact
  • To make visits to places of cultural and historical significance
  • To welcome visitors into school who can widen our knowledge
  • To perform to parents and carers
  • To develop democracy by deciding on a charity to support each year
  • To have dress up and theme days to create interest in our learning
  • To learn to play a musical instrument
  • To experience different cultures, festivals and faiths
  • To be active and take part in sports and physical activity
  • To use technology to learn about our world.

Our children are happy and proud to be pupils at this school. We know because they tell us that!