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Delamere Forest

Year 1 had a fantastic school trip to Delamere Forest as part of their Art work on Andy Goldsworthy.  The children made strong shelters from sticks and leaves, created brilliant pieces of land art and had a competition to see who could build the tallest stick tower! 

Traditional Tales Day

Year 1 had a fantastic time on Traditional Tales Day! They dressed up as their favourite characters, planted a beanstalk, decorated gingerbread people, designed wolf-proof houses and drew characters from The Three Billy Goats Gruff.  

Design and Technology - Moving Picture Cards

Year 1 designed, created and evaluated their own moving picture cards during our Design and Technology lessons.  The children had to think very carefully about the materials, equipment and skills they were going to use.  We had lots of fun making them!

KS1 Nativity - The Magical Christmas Jigsaw

Year 1 did an amazing job with their dances for the KS1 Nativity performance.  Here are some of the stars of the show!

Interfaith Day

During Interfaith day, Year 1 learnt about different Festivals of Light.  They visited different classrooms to learn about Advent, Ramadan, Hanukah and Diwali.

Maths Week

Year 1 have had a great Maths Week! We have been making our own clocks and learning to tell the time.  We have used the story 'One is a Snail, Ten is a Crab' to help us find different number bonds.  We have also enjoyed listening to a range of fantastic maths picture books at story time.

Penguin found in ice!

Year 1 had a very unusual surprise when they walked into school this morning, a penguin was stuck in some ice! The children thought carefully about what they knew about penguins and how they could free the penguin who was stuck.  They worked as a team to set him free!

Tiger Day!

Year 1 had a fantastic time on Tiger Day! We made tiger masks, yummy tiger paws, played tiger games and went on a 'Tiger who came to Tea' word hunt. There were some very scary and cheeky tigers in school! 

Our Favourite Books

Year 1 brought their favourite book into school to share with their friends.  We talked about the title, author, illustrator and what the book was about.  There were some fantastic recommendations from the children!