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World Book Day 2024

Art - Andy Warhol

In our art work, we have been looking at the artist Andy Warhol.  We have explored drawing different lines and have mixed paints together to create different colours.  We created a colour wheel and find out which primary colours mix together to make secondary colours.  We sketched a toy robot and used watercolour paints to paint it.  All the paintings looked brilliant, we hope you like them!

Our school trip to Portland Basin

As part of our history work on on children's lives in the past, we visited Portland Basin.  We became History Seekers for the day and hunted for clues to find out more about toys from the past.  We experienced what school was like and the rules children had to follow.  We looked at housing from the past and how it was different from the luxuries we have today.  Everyone had a fantastic time and we found out lots of interesting facts!


Toy Research

As part of our history work on children's lives in the past we compared old and new toys.  We looked at the materials the toys were made from and how they worked.  We spotted lots of differences! Thank you to all the parents who sent toys in for us to look at.

Fee Fie Foe Fum... I smell a Traditional Tales Day in Year One!

Year One had lot of fun learning all about Traditional Tales. The children dressed up as their favourite Traditional Tale character, planted a magic bean and designed a house fit for The Three Little Pigs. We are looking forward to learning more about Traditional Tales and will soon be writing our own version of a very popular story.

Christmas Show 2023

Well done to all of the Year 1 children for their incredible singing and dancing in the Christmas show!

Design and Technology - Moving Picture Cards

In Design and Technology, we have created moving picture cards.  The children planned their design, the materials that they were going to use and how part of their card was going to move.  The children followed their design carefully using a variety of different skills.  Afterwards, we evaluated our cards and compared them to the original designs. We hope you like them!

Lost and Found by Oliver Jeffers

One blustery morning, Year 1 came to school to find a small penguin who was trapped in the ice.  The children thought carefully about how they could carefully rescue the penguin.  They worked together as a team to set it free! 

We have being using the story Lost and Found in our Literacy work.  We innovated the story, and changed it to a lost polar bear who needed help to find his way back to the North Pole.

Bee- Bots

In computing, we have been learning all about creating an algorithm....yes, that's right! An algorithm!! A process which must be followed in order for a problem to be resolved. The algorithm we created enabled us to program a Bee-bot so it could move in the right direction and follow the appropriate path. This was a tricky challenge which involved lots of trial and error but we loved it all the same. Here are some images of what we got up to....

The Tiger Who Came to Denton West End

Year One have had a surprising start to the year! We came into school for a wonderful day of learning, when we came across some muddy footprints. Our classrooms had been trashed and lots of empty packets and food remains were left on our classroom carpet. What a mess! After further investigation, we discovered that a tiger had been into our school and to say sorry for all mess he caused, he left us a gift - a book called 'The Tiger Who Came to Tea' by Judith Kerr. It has inspired us in our writing and we would love to share it with you.