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Denton West End Primary School

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Online Safety

At Denton West End, we work very hard to ensure our children understand the importance of Online Safety.  

We have regular assemblies that focus on different aspects of online safety and children have time to discuss and complete activities in lessons as part of our computing and RSHE curriculum.  

Guides for Parents

Please remember the following age restrictions:

Facebook - 13

Snapchat - 13

Instagram - 13

Whatsapp - 13

Tik Tok - 13

Youtube - 13 (with parents' permission), 18 (account holder)


Vodafone Digital Parenting Magazine


Below are some parent guides for various applications and games.  


Tik Tok

Parent Zone Tik Tok Guide

 Online Safety Newsletter 1 Autumn 1 2023.pdfDownload
 Online Safety Newsletter 2 Autumn 2 2023.pdfDownload
 Online Safety Newsletter 3 Spring 2024.pdfDownload
 Online Safety Newsletter 4 May 2024.pdfDownload
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