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Year 6

Welcome to Year 6

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Welcome to Year 6!

September 2022

As part of our start to the year, we have created individual targets to try and achieve this term.   Our target displays are World War 2 themed to fit with our history topic later in the year.  

Greater Manchester Magistrates Mock Trial Competition - June 2023

 Some of our Year 6 pupils took part in the Mock Trial Competition at Hemsley House in Salford.  As well as performing in the mock trial, there were lots of different activities and workshops to take part in.  They had a great day and were a real credit to our school!

Outdoor Elements - May 2023

 Year 6 had a great time at Outdoor Elements!  We spent the day doing a range of activities including problem solving, tree climbing, the mega zip line, crate stacking, Jacob's ladder, leap of faith and learning how to start fires (safely!) and cooking bread on them!  Everybody pushed themselves and it was great to see everyone enjoying themselves!

Stockport Air Raid Shelters – March 2023

As part of our World War 2 history topic, Year 6 went to Stockport Air Raid Shelters and Stockport Museum.  We were transported back to the 1940s to experience life in Britain during World War 2. We had a great day!

Maths Week - November 2022

 Year 6 thought that Maths week was a huge success!  We took part in a range of Maths activities: an online Nrich workshop where we had to use our knowledge of place value and the inequality symbols; a Maths carousel across Years 5 and 6 that focused on the properties of 2D and 3D shapes; a lesson with teachers from Audenshaw High School; and a workshop with Miss Varney, a Maths consultant who works throughout school, which introduced algebra using the book '1 is a Snail, 10 is a Crab'. 

Here are some comments from the Year 6 pupils - 

"It was great to do lots of different activities."

"The activities challenged me and were really enjoyable!"

"I felt excited about the activities and it made me look forward to doing more Maths."

"I felt challenged but in a good way!"

"I learnt that there are multiple ways to solve the same problem."

"I learnt that Maths is all around us!"

India Day - November 2022

As part of our Geography topic about India and Rivers, we had an India day to immerse ourselves in Indian culture and traditional activities.  We took part in an Indian drumming and dance workshop, tasted traditional Indian sweets, learned about henna and had some put on our hands.  We had a great day!

Safe Squad - November 2022

We were lucky to have Safe Squad visit us in school for us to take part in workshops around Personal Safety, Fire Safety, Digital Safety and CPR.  

Design Technology - Fruit Crumble

October 2022

For our Design Technology unit, we have been tasting, evaluating, designing and making fruit crumbles! We began by tasting and evaluating a fruit crumble.  We were then given a customer who had a specific dietary requirement or food preference.  We had to adapt the crumble recipe to suit their needs.  We then made our own crumbles in groups, learning the skills of peeling, chopping and grating fruit.  Our crumbles were delicious!

Crowden River Trip

October 2022

As part of our Geography topic about rivers, we went on a trip to Crowden.  We spent the whole day outside (despite the rain!) and learnt lots about the Crowden Great Brook and Crowden Little Brook.  We took lots of measurements of the river including the depth, width and flow speed.  We even found some water insects and classified them using a key.  We had a great day!

Macbeth Workshop

October 2022

We were very fortunate to take part in an interactive performance of Macbeth from The Young Shakespeare Company.  It was great to be able to get involved with the acting!

Spanish Day

September 2022

To celebrate our new Key Stage Two Modern Foreign Language, Spanish, we had a Spanish day which involved dressing up in the colours of the Colombian flag, learning all about Colombia, sampling Spanish food for our school dinner and learning flamenco dancing.  We had a great day!


September 2022

As part of our Science topic - Animals Including Humans - we have been learning about the heart and its function in our body.  Mrs Sutlow and Mrs Moran dissected hearts for us to watch so we could see the different chambers and blood vessels.  We also learnt all about blood and its different components: plasma, red blood cells, white blood cells and platelets.  We then made 'blood soup' using different materials to represent the components of blood. 

Mini Whistlers

September 2022

We were very fortunate to have Trevor and Nigel (actual FA referees!) join us for two days to teach us all about refereeing.  We learnt about respect and why it is important in not only football, but everyday life.  

We learnt about different flag positions and had the chance to put our skills into practice in mini games.  

Welcome to Year 6!

September 2022

As part of our start to the year, we have created individual targets to try and achieve this term.   Our target displays are World War 2 themed to fit with our history topic later in the year.