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The Blue Planet Aquarium

21st June 2022

Reception visited the Blue Planet Aquarium. After a very long coach journey, we had lots of fun learning about sharks, stingrays and other sea creatures. Since our trip, we have been busy writing a recount of our day and fishy fact files using all the interesting facts that we have learnt in our workshop, What Lives in the Water? The children were extremely well behaved. We were very proud of them all!

The Queen's Platinum Jubilee

27th May 2022

Children have been learning about the Queen this week. They have listened to lots of stories and looked at photographs of the Queen over the last 70 years. We have made cards, bookmarks, flags and soldiers just to name a few. Today we dressed up for the Queen in our party clothes, played party games and ate cucumber sandwiches and jam scones. We had a great day! We hope that all of our families enjoy their own celebrations next weekend to celebrate the Platinum Jubilee. Happy holidays to everyone!

Fairy Tale Day

This term, Reception celebrated fairy tale day by dressing up as our favourite fairy tale character. 

World Book Day

Children 'Broke the Rules' for World Book Day this year. Children brought in their favourite stories and we listened to the 'Masked Reader',  guessing which teacher was reading us the story. We found this hilarious!

Healthy Sandwiches

Children designed and made healthy sandwiches as part of our work on healthy eating.

Let's Talk About Teeth

As part of Healthy Me we looked at how to look after our teeth and what foods we should eat. Children had lots of fun using the large teeth and toothbrushes and looking at the stories and information books.


Children had lots of fun at Christmas making wreaths out of playdough, designing Christmas jumpers and decorations, preparing reindeer food, wrapping gifts and writing lists. Children even got to speak to Santa, even though he was very busy. They sang him some Christmas songs and he gave them a gift. The children were very excited to see him.

Reading Challenge Reward Autumn Term

Well done to all the children who completed the reading challenge. We had a great day in our costumes, playing games, drinking chocolate milk and eating cookies. She should be really proud of yourselves. Keep it up!

Christmas Party

The reception children had lots of fun at their first Christmas party. They played pass the parcel, musical bumps and musical statues. They had lots of yummy party food and enjoyed hitting the balloons into the air.  A great time was had by all. Thank you to all the parents for your support and contributions. 

Nick Sharratt Workshop

On Friday 3rd December, reception children took part in a virtual visit, with author and illustrator Nick Sharratt. Nick read his new book 'Oh No! Shark in the Snow!' to the class and the children took part in a illustrating workshop. It was lovely to see the children so engaged and excited to meet and listen to him. 

Humpty Dumpty UPDATE!!!

Children received a letter from Superintendent Dibble (please see below). We are very proud of the children for their investigative skills. They worked hard to write words and draw pictures to help solve the mystery.

 Police Letter - Humpty Dumpty.docxDownload
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Humpty Dumpty

On Tuesday 23rd November our children arrived at school to find a shocking incident in the nursery garden. Humpty Dumpty had fallen off his wall! Had he fallen or had he been pushed? First we investigated the crime scene using magnifying glasses to look at the clues. The children became police officers who recorded their findings using an evidence sheet and a clipboard. Children sang the rhyme and used musical instruments to play the beat. The children enjoyed creating their own ‘Humpty Dumpty’ walls using the foam bricks. We made ‘tall’ and ‘short’ walls and touch counted how many blocks we used altogether.  


Humpty Dumpty Egg Science Experiment

Children had to predict which materials would be the best for the Humpty Dumpty to land on and record their results. 


One Kind Word

Children began Anti Bullying Week with Odd Socks Day. Please see our Twitter account for photos. This year children were thinking about ‘One Kind Word.’ In Early Years we read lots of stories about friendship and being kind to each other. In our writing children thought about how they could be a good friend. We created fabulous friendship flowers.

Maths Week

Maths week is a whole week dedicated to helping children become more engaged with maths as a topic and a hobby. Maths week is about encouraging children to appreciate the amazing things in our world which use maths. Let’s prove just how fun and useful maths is beyond school! This week children used lots of resources to count, build, problem solve and investigate numbers and patterns. On Tuesday 9th November reception children dressed up as their favourite Number Blocks character from numbers 1-5. They brought in objects to match that number. We had lots of fun finding numbers and having a Teddy Bears picnic.


Happy Diwali to everyone!

As part of our learning around the celebration, the reception children made diva lamps and looked at how Hindus and Sikhs celebrate Diwali around the world.

Fruit Tasting – Handa’s Surprise

Monday 11th October
We have been reading Handa's Surprise as our class story this week. The story is set in Africa and features a range of African animals as well as a variety of fruits. For some children they had never seen, felt or tasted some of the fruits in the story, so we had our very own fruit tasting experience! Once the avocado, tangerine, pineapple, banana, mango and passion fruit were cut, there was a great deal of excitement as to what was inside. The children were fascinated by the stones inside the mango and avocado. The children were very eager to taste the fruits. Passion fruit and pineapple proved to be the most popular fruits that the children tasted.

Handa's Surprise by Eileen Browne

Autumn Welly Walk

Children in reception have been exploring the season of Autumn through poetry as part of National Poetry Day. On Friday 8th October, we went out onto our school field in our wellies to see what we could see, hear, smell and feel. Children discovered lots of signs of Autumn, despite the warmer weather this year. 

Black History Month

Thursday 7th October
Children took part in learning an African dance. We had lots of fun learning the moves and moving our bodies!

Welcome to reception
We'd like to give a warm welcome to all of our reception families this year. Children have settled really well! We are looking forward to watching your children learn and grow throughout this year. Here are a few pictures from our first week at school!