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Year 2

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Interfaith Day - November 2022

 We had a fantastic day going round the different classes and learning about different festivals of light.

Maths Week - November 2022

Year 2 had a brilliant Maths week.  We did some problem solving, did a maths quiz, had a workshop with Ms Varney and read some Maths stories.  We also did a Maths carousel where we went round all of the Year 1 and 2 classes to play a game.

Thornley Park - November 2022

Year 2 enjoyed visiting Thornley Park to see the cenotaph.

Maths - October 2022

 Year 2 have enjoyed playing a game called 'Race to 40' to learn about regrouping.  This was a fun, competitive and practical way to learn about this new concept.

The Bog Baby - September 2022

 To start off our new English topic, the children had a mystery to solve.  They were given a secret jigsaw to complete in order to discover what our new book would be.  The children worked well together and enjoyed solving the mystery!

A New Start - September 2022

Year 2 have settled in well.  We have created our first display, showing a little bit about us.