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Year 2

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Maths - September 2023

Year 2 have enjoyed playing 'Race to 40' with the maths equipment to learn about regrouping.

Class Assembly - September 2023

 2M did an amazing job performing their class assembly to Key Stage One and their parents.  We are very proud of them!

Our Year 2 Classrooms - September 2023

Staircase House - July 2023

 We all had a brilliant time on our school trip learning about The Great Fire of London.

Wellbeing Week - May 2023

Year 2 have been doing lots of different activities this week.  2M have made their puppets and 2H have been learning about compliments and kindness.  Both classes have completed a 'connecting us' hula hoop challenge, been programming on Scratch Junior, done a wellbeing scavenger hunt, played parachute games, drawn chalk pictures on the playground and taken part in sports day.  This has been well deserved after working so hard this half term!

King's Coronation - May 2023

We had a great day celebrating the King's coronation.

Disgusting Party - May 2023

 Year 2 had a fantastic time at their disgusting party.  We got very messy!

Puppets - April 2023

 The children enjoyed bringing their puppets in and showing them to the class to start off our DT topic.

Woodland Animal Day - February 2023

 Year 2 have had a brilliant first day back for their Woodland Animal Day.  They had a very special visit from the Gruffalo in the morning and from the Story Maker in the afternoon.  We did lots of different drama activities.

Making Biscuits - January 2023

For our design and technology work, Year 2 have designed a biscuit with a healthy element.  They enjoyed learning how to peel, grate and chop safely and how to follow a recipe to make biscuits.  They especially enjoyed tasting the biscuits in order to evaluate them!

Trip to Ashton Central Mosque - January 2023

The children enjoyed their trip to the mosque and learnt a lot.   

Christmas Lanterns and Christmas Party - December 2022

 Year 2 had lots of fun following instructions to make Christmas lanterns.  We also had great fun at our party!

Christmas Show - December 2022

 The children did an amazing performance in their Christmas nativity.  We are very proud of them!

Interfaith Day - November 2022

 We had a fantastic day going round the different classes and learning about different festivals of light.

Maths Week - November 2022

Year 2 had a brilliant Maths week.  We did some problem solving, did a maths quiz, had a workshop with Ms Varney and read some Maths stories.  We also did a Maths carousel where we went round all of the Year 1 and 2 classes to play a game.

Thornley Park - November 2022

Year 2 enjoyed visiting Thornley Park to see the cenotaph.

Maths - October 2022

 Year 2 have enjoyed playing a game called 'Race to 40' to learn about regrouping.  This was a fun, competitive and practical way to learn about this new concept.

The Bog Baby - September 2022

 To start off our new English topic, the children had a mystery to solve.  They were given a secret jigsaw to complete in order to discover what our new book would be.  The children worked well together and enjoyed solving the mystery!

A New Start - September 2022

Year 2 have settled in well.  We have created our first display, showing a little bit about us.