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Year 2

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September 2020 - Maths

 In maths, we have been subtracting.  We have been using partitioning (splitting into tens and ones) and using cubes to help us with this.

September 2020 - While We Can't Hug

To settle the children back into school and to help us discuss the things that would be different at the moment, we have looked at the book 'While We Can't Hug'.  We have done some art work of the characters and written our own version of the story and turned it into a book.  The children were very proud of the books that they created!  We have a lovely display of this work in class.

September 2020 - Spreading Our Wings

As part of our transition work into Year 2, we have read a story called 'The Cautious Caterpillar'.  This story is about a caterpillar who is scared to become a butterfly.  We linked this to moving from Year 1.  The children did a butterfly piece of work to tell us all about themselves.  Here are the displays that we have created.