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Year 2

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July 2019 - Staircase House

To help us with our history work on the Great Fire of London we went on a school trip to Staircase House.  We enjoyed doing drama, making fire marks and making wattle and daub.

July 2019 - Maths

We have been learning about position, movement and direction.  We enjoyed using the bee bots to give movement instructions.

June 2019 - Money Week

During money week we enjoyed learning all about how to keep money safe, how to use money in different ways and how to work out change.

May 2019 - The Disgusting Party

 We all had a fantastic time at our disgusting party and got very messy!  We enjoyed the eyeball relay race, hand and foot painting, bug hunting, eyeball hunting, bug collecting with our feet in worms, searching in the soil, maggot collecting and the secret feely bowls.  Of course, we enjoyed the cake at the end of the day too!

April 2019 - Puppets

 We have enjoyed designing and making puppets linked to our work on The Gruffalo.

March 2019 - Chicks

 We enjoyed going to see the chicks in the nursery.  They were very fluffy and cute!

March 2019 - World Book Day

 We have enjoyed doing Elmer Maths to celebrate 30 years of Elmer books.  We also enjoyed sharing our favourite books with our friends.

March 2019

We all really enjoy going on the IPads to learn our times tables and compete on Times Table Rock Stars.  Some of us are going on this at home too!

February 2019

 We used the base 10 equipment to help us with our place value and understanding of tens and ones.

Culture Week - January 2019

During culture week, we learnt about Islam.  We made mosques using lots of different material.  We also had a visitor in school to teach us about Chinese New Year.  We learnt a dragon dance.  We had lots of fun!

Biscuit Bear - January 2019

 Following on from our mystery, we got a letter the next day to say sorry for the mess.  It was from Biscuit Bear.  We are now doing some work on this in English lessons.  We designed and made Biscuit Bear friends.

Mystery in the classroom - January 2019

On the first day back after Christmas, Year 2 found a mess in their classrooms.  There were footprints down the corridor and in the classrooms and lots of baking equipment around the room.  We had to be detectives to think of who or what could have done it!

Diwali - November 2018

To celebrate Diwali, we had a visitor in school to teach us a Bollywood dance. This was lots of fun. We learnt some different moves - the bee, crab, chest and tiger.

Tommy Atkins visit - November 2018

 Year 2 enjoyed learning all about World War 1 when we had a visit from Tommy Atkins.  We enjoyed trying out all of the equipment and learning what it was really like for the soldiers.

Remembrance Day - November 2018

Year 2 went for a walk to Thornley Park to visit the Cenotaph after Remembrance Sunday.  We have enjoyed learning all about it and have remembered lots of the facts about Remembrance and World War 1.

Lyme Park - September 2018

 Year 2 went on a trip to Lyme Park to learn about habitats linked to our science topic.  We had a great day despite the wind and rain!