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Times Table Rock Stars Battle

A big well done to 2H for winning the first Year 2 battle between classes!  Well done to all of you from both classes who contributed to their class scores.  A new battle has now been set...come on 2M, you can do this!  Let's see more of you joining in with this one and keep those times tables coming.  Remember to use your finger counting to help you.

Monday 30th March
Good morning Year 2.  We hope you are all happy and staying safe as home learners, having lots of fun with your families.  I'm sure you are keeping busy but here are a few more links for things to do to keep those minds active! - Keep up with that reading and comprehension! - Carol Vorderman maths - BBC Bitesize with lots of different subjects covered.
We have set up a 2M versus 2H battle on Times Table Rock Stars...Let the competitions begin!  You have until 6 o'clock on Sunday to get going and see which class can win!
Don't forget to keep going with Numbots too as well as those creative activities like drawing, building, baking and making things.
We hope to see you all soon, we miss those smiley faces coming into school!
From Mrs Minton and Mrs Hart

Home Learning

A range of home learning activities suitable for each year group can be found here on Classroom Secrets -

Please note, this link will only work on a PC/laptop and unfortunately is not compatible with phones or tablets.

Hello to all of our Year 2 parents and children.  Here are a few more ideas for you to be doing at home that link to our topics.


Home Learning


Our topic is ‘Our Natural World’.

Some writing ideas are: In the spring I see… writing, looking after a pet / animal instructions, common exception words spellings, favourite animal poem or writing a letter to a relative or teacher.  Children should make sure that they take care with capital letters and full stops and try to include conjunctions (and, but, so, because, if, or, when, that) in their writing.


You could also do an animal habitat information poster, life cycle of a particular plant or animal, painting or drawing of a plant and labelling it, planting seeds and keeping a diary, roots and water experiment or a signs of spring hunt.


Children could continue to develop their sewing skills and make a different puppet.  They could look at some artists who focus on living things (Van Gough’s sunflowers as an example) and try to copy these.  There is also a 30 day lego challenge that the children may enjoy doing.


To keep the maths key skills going, children should go on Times Table Rock Stars and Numbots.  Top Marks also have lots of good games to play.  In addition to this, playing games such as snakes and ladders, Top Trumps and connect 4 will be good for the children.  If you’re feeling really creative, you could even make your own snakes and ladders board!  They can also continue to develop their speed of recalling number bonds to and within 20.


Plenty of time doing book related activities will also be very good for the children.  Lots of discussion about the books and questioning the children about character’s feelings and why things have happened in the book will help develop their comprehension skills.  Phonics Play is a free online resource which has many interactive games and resources.  The username is march20 and the password is home.


If you have access to a printer, you may want to use the ‘Year 2 School Closure Home Learning Resource Pack’ on the Twinkl website.  This covers a range of subjects from the National Curriculum.


Joe Wicks is doing an online PE lesson on YouTube every day at 9 o’clock.

Other practical ideas would be to teach the children how to tell the time and tie their shoe laces. 


This list is in no way exhaustive, feel free to be as creative as you can be and enjoy your family time together!

Mrs Minton and Mrs Hart

Here is a list of the Year 2 common exception words for the children to learn while they are off school.  Thank you.

February 2020 - Plants

 As part of our topic on 'Our Natural World' and our science topic of 'Apprentice Gardener', we have been looking closely at seeds.  We have also planted some cress to find out how it grows best.

February 2020 - Poetry

 We have been looking at 'At the zoo' by A.A Milne.  We discussed the features, learnt it in groups and then wrote our own versions to share with each other.  The children were very proud of their work.

February 2020 - Outdoor reading

 The children are very keen to read their library books and books from home.  They have asked if they can take them outside at playtime!

January 2020 - Biscuit Bear

 We have enjoyed reading the story of 'Biscuit Bear' by Mini Grey.  To inspire us with our work and for our DT project, we have designed and made our own Biscuit Bears.  This was a lot of fun.

January 2020 - Conrad Burdekin

 We enjoyed a visit from the poet, Conrad Burdekin.  We worked with Conrad to write our own class poem, this was lots of fun!

December 2019 - Festive fun!

 We have had lots of fun in the last few weeks of term.  We have made Christmas lanterns using instructions from Santa.  We have also made cards and calendars and had lots of fun at our party!


11th November 2019 - Remembrance Day

To support our history work on Remembrance Day, we went for a walk to Thornley Park to have a look at the cenotaph.  Later in the week, we learned and performed some Remembrance Day poems.  We also used recycled egg boxes to make our own poppy wreaths for the classroom door.

October 2019 - Rangoli patterns

To celebrate Diwali, Year 2 used chalk to draw Rangoli patterns on the front playground.  This was a lot of fun!

October 2019 - place value

 We have been learning about place value by using lots of different maths equipment.

September 2019 - Maths Buddies

 Year 2 and Year 6 have enjoyed being maths buddies as a continuation from reading buddies last year.  In our session, we played a game called 'Order Order' where the children rolled dice and raced to get their numbers in order.  This was a lot of fun!